Conservatives help pull in the votes for faster broadband

Filton and Bradley Stoke Conservatives campaigning for faster broadband

An action day by Filton and Bradley Conservatives last Saturday has given a further boost to the voting figures for our local telephone exchanges in BT’s Race to Infinity broadband upgrade competition.

The Almondsbury exchange has now passed the 900 mark and remains on target to meet the qualifying level of 1,000 votes by the end of the competition on 31st December.

With less than three weeks to go before the deadline, it looks like the 01454 exchange could be one of just 16 exchanges to make the grade from 2,495 eligible exchanges nationwide.

Although there is little hope of reaching a top five position, which would guarantee the installation of BT’s superfast Infinity fibre optic broadband by 2012, it is hoped that achieving the qualifying mark will greatly increase the prospects of the exchange being upgraded in the near future.

This is supported by a BT press release put out this week in which Jon Reynolds, BT South West Regional Director said:

“Every vote does count because, whether communities win the race or not, each vote is an indication of demand for the next generation of broadband in the South West.”

“The data collected by BT will be used in planning where the roll-out goes next.”

Local MP Jack Lopresti’s team of eight Conservative volunteers, including Cllr John Calway, Leader of South Gloucestershire Council, delivered leaflets and knocked on doors in the worst broadband ‘slowspots’ of the town on Saturday, generating an impressive rise in the voting figures for the Almondsbury exchange.

Mr Lopresti also attended the Open Day of the Brook Way Youth Club on Saturday morning where he presented a digital camera, donated by BT, to the club. In return, the club has promised to help collect votes for the Race to Infinity competition.

Youth club helps the Bradley Stoke broadband campaign

He later told The Journal:

“I would like to say a big thank you to all the helpers who came out to deliver leaflets and drum up support for the campaign on Saturday despite the cold weather! I urge the residents of Bradley Stoke to vote online, we are getting close but every vote counts. With residents’ help we will be able to reach 1,000 votes before the deadline on December 31st.”

Not to be outdone, local Liberal Democrats have already offered to hit the streets this coming weekend!

Upper photo, L-R: Cllr Ben Walker, Mike Cobb, Cllr John Godwin, Cllr Brian Hopkinon, Cllr Sarah Pomfret, Cllr Trevor Jones, Jack Lopresti MP, Cllr John Calway, Cllr Bob Pullin.

Lower photo: Jack Lopresti MP presents a digital camera to Junior Youth Leader Cheryl Godsell of the Brook Way Youth Club.

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  1. With the Almondsbury exchange now on 940 votes, we’re making a final push this coming weekend (18th/19th December) to help ensure we reach the 1,000 qualifying level by the end of the year.

    Last Saturday’s action day by the Filton and Bradley Stoke Conservatives showed that making follow-up visits to already-leafleted homes is very effective in generating new votes.

    We are therefore looking for volunteers to do some more door-knocking this weekend.

    The goal is to get people to put their details (phone number, postcode etc.) on a voting form and then register their votes later.

    If you could help, please download a voting form and send us an email to let us know which streets/houses you are going to cover (so we can avoid overlaps).

    Your contribution would be much appreciated, even if you can only spare ten minutes to visit your immediate neighbours.


    I note this evening that your campaign has hit the 1002 vote mark and there’s still over a week to go before the deadline.

    The community has really come together over this issue and that’s great to see.

    WELL DONE to everyone involved.


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