Councillor under fire after “disgraceful” cuts jibe

Bradley Stoke Councillor Robert Jones has attracted criticism from the blogosphere after he published an insensitive message about proposed Council cuts on the social media site Twitter.

The message, sent from the Councillor’s mobile phone as he was waiting for South Gloucestershire Council’s budget-setting meeting to begin on Wednesday evening, read:

“Just arrived at south glos council ahead of tonight’s budget. No sign of protest. Clearly we’re not cutting enough.”

The ‘tweet’ was perhaps referring to protests that had occurred at Bristol City Council’s budget meeting the previous day but the final “not cutting enough” part of the message has been seized upon by left wing bloggers, led by Bristol trade unionist yokelbear.

UNISON South West later tweeted about “a councillor who takes pride in cuts” and numerous other Twitter users have branded the message “disgraceful” and “offensive”.

Cllr Jones appears to have since deleted the message but it has been preserved for posterity on the photo blogging site Twitpic.

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  1. Never underestimate the level of stupidity some people exhibit.

    Good to see Jon “there’s a passing bandwagon and I need to jump on it” Williams sticking his oar in saying he’s “shocked” by the tweet. I wonder just how upset he gets when he sees profligate waste of tax payers money. Why not get worked up about something useful that actually affects Bradley Stoke residents?

  2. And to think these sort of people represent us on the Council! Its all very well to apologise but the remark should not have been said in the first place.The Liberal Demmers must be rubbing their hands with glee!