Bradley Stoke town councillor selected as Green Party candidate for FaBS

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James Nelson, prospective parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency.

South Gloucestershire Green Party has announced its general election candidate for the Filton and Bradley Stoke (FaBS) constituency.

The party will be represented by James Nelson, a law student who was elected as a Bradley Stoke town councillor for the Primrose Bridge ward in May 2023.

Commenting on his selection, Mr Nelson said:

“I am deeply honoured to have been selected to stand for the Green Party in my home constituency of Filton and Bradley Stoke. Having lived in the area since I was around two years old, seen the old established parties fail this area, and faced the consequences of nearly a decade and a half of Tory rule, I know we need fresh change for a fairer, greener country.”

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At the last general election in December 2019, the Green Party’s candidate in FaBS, Jenny Vernon, came fourth with 2.9 percent of the votes cast.

The latest prediction from UK Polling Report, suggests that the Green Party is likely to attract 6.7 percent of the vote in FaBS (based on analysis dated 11th March 2024).

Bar chart showing predicted election result.
UK Polling Report prediction for the Filton and Bradley Stoke parliamentary constituency (as of 11th March 2024).

The next United Kingdom general election must be held no later than 28th January 2025, although it thought most likely that it will take place in autumn 2024.

A full record of previous general election results for the constituency can be found on the FaBS Wikipedia page (see link below).

“Doing politics differently”

In his candidate profile on the South Gloucestershire Green Party website, Mr Nelson writes:

“… I have seen the damage the Tory government in Westminster has done to our communities. An NHS unable to provide healthcare, schools unable to teach, parents unable to provide for their children and a climate crisis being ignored. Individually these issues are mere catastrophes; together they represent the sum total of a government unable to govern.”


“That’s why I want to be your next MP. Put me in parliament and I will work to undo decades of inaction while doing politics differently. If you put your trust in me, unlike our current MP, I won’t harbour the fame and power of office for myself; I will work to bring powers home to our community so we can fix our problems rather than waiting for Westminster to get its act together. If you give me your vote I will lead on the climate crisis by speaking truth to power, leading our community to make the big changes needed and I will push to make those profiting off fossil fuels and soaring prices pay rather than make you pay for the crisis they perpetuate.”

Other candidates for FaBS

As previously reported, the Labour Party has chosen Claire Hazelgrove as its prospective parliamentary candidate for the FaBS constituency at the next general election.

The sitting MP, Jack Lopresti (Conservative), who has represented the constituency since its was created in 2010, is thought likely to stand again. Confirmation of his formal selection as the party’s prospective parliamentary candidate has been sought from his office.

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