Man trapped for four hours in recycling bin

Recycling area at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, BristolBBC Bristol reports today that a would-be thief became trapped for four hours in a clothes recycling bin at Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook Centre as he tried to steal used clothes.

The man had to be cut free by fire officers after he was helped into the bin by an accomplice.

CCTV footage on the BBC News website shows the man being pushed into the bin by an accomplice.

On being confronted by security staff, the accomplice runs away from the scene and the fire brigade is called to cut the top off the bin to free the trapped man.

A police spokesperson told the BBC:

“A 28-year-old man from Filton was arrested on suspicion of theft, interviewed and issued with a caution.”

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  1. With the local elections due in less than a month, perhaps the headline should read:-
    “Filton man seeks (insert your least favorite political party) supporters to sign up for the local elections”
    “Filton man recycled, in response to complaints from local residents”

  2. I see he was collared by the police after his pants attempt.
    No doubt he’ll be quite shirty when he sees his accomplice next (assuming he doesn’t skirt around the issue).

  3. I’m glad everyone thinks it is so funny – would they if he had broken into their house and starting stealing their stuff. All I can think is that our precious fire and police resources were busy sorting him out diverting them away from people in real need. Should have left him in there.

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