Town Council bemoans increase in vandalism

A fire-damaged carved wooden seat on Jubilee Green, Bradley Stoke

An article in Bradley Stoke Town Council’s latest newsletter reports a worrying increase in incidents of vandalism directed at Council-owned facilities in the town.

The Council says it spent over £7,000 to repair vandalised property during the last financial year (2010/2011) and a similar sum (£6,750) has already been spent in the first half of this year.

The figures do not include the time taken by Council staff to deal with the damage nor the many smaller scale incidents which can be fixed ‘in-house’.

Over the summer holidays, four of the seven Council-managed play areas in Bradley Stoke had items out of use whilst waiting for replacement parts.

The Council says it makes regular checks at its plays areas, activity centres and bus stops, adding that all criminal damage is reported to the police and South Gloucestershire Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

Incidents of criminal damage are reportedly quarterly to the Council’s Planning and Environment Committee. The latest report, in August, includes: a padlock being cut of the gate to the hard courts, a dog signpost being forced out the ground, damage to the roof and a noticeboard cover being broken at the Jubilee Centre; damage to two lights and fire damage to a wall and the cricket pitch at Baileys Court Activity Centre; a floodlight being sawn through and a toilet seat being broken at Brook Way Activity Centre; a gate closure snaped off at the Rosemary Court play area; fire damage to a bin, damage to a slide and two barriers at Baileys Court play area; three incidents of damage to the wooden bridge at the Jubilee Green play area; and two incidents of anti-social graffiti and vandalism of two ramps at the skate park.

Anyone witnessing an act of criminal damage is asked to phone the police on 101 and notify the Town Council on 01454 868080.

Photos: [above] Fire-damaged wooden seat near the pond on Jubilee Green; [below] How the seat looked when it was carved by local chainsaw sculptor Andy O’Neill in June 2010.

Carved Wooden Bench


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  1. Surely it is impossible that our darling blameless Bradley Stoke children could be involved in this mindless vandalism?

    Then again, it could also be any number of drunken adults staggering home from the pub who think it’s a jolly wheeze to destroy this stuff..

    Of course, this would not be the fault of parents who let their children get away with this, it will be the fault of teachers, police, and councillors who don’t treat the kids with enough respect and give them enough to do to alleviate the boredom that drives them to this nasty activity, which at the end of the day is attention seeking bravado. God forbid the parents should have to do that.

    Of course, it would also not be the fault of the adults who decide to go out and and drink themselves stupid either…that’s probably the pub landlords fault too!

    I am just annoyed – when did people stop taking responsibility for their own or their children’s actions – why should we, the taxpayer have to put up with this sort of behaviour.

    I feel sorry for the police who have to put up with abuse on a daily basis and I feel sorry for those with young families who really enjoy the facilities. Sadly, the perpetrators of this vandalism only think of themselves.

    I just wish these vandals (I don’t know who they are, young old, whatever) would grow up and take responsibility for themselves.

  2. All part of a growing underclass who have no respect for property or people and are in full awareness of their “rights” yet have no concept or understanding of responsibility. But when you see the parents it’s no wonder the kids are out of control.

    Their idea of a good time is ruining the enjoyment of someone else.

    They are immune from the law and know the chances of being caught are slim to non-existent and even if that were to happen the gentle tap on the wrist would not be a deterrent.

    But don’t worry, it’s Halloween soon and those very same “darlings” will be out spreading their misery on the community again with yet more vandalism, thuggish behaviour and anti-social activities whilst us, the law-abiding tax payers will have to fork out again for the repairs.

    Personally I would have those thugs unlucky enough to be caught dressed in pink overalls and paraded around the Willow Brook centre. But we can’t do that can we due to their rights…..

  3. um im a teenager and i have never set fire or caused any public damage and yet i get alot of people judeing me due to vandals cause it seems alot of people judge you without knowing you i just think its unfair alot of people judge every kid as a vandal

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