Chance to have your say on North Fringe bus rapid transit plans

Proposed bus rapid transit route in North Bradley Stoke.

Detailed plans for a multi-million pound ‘rapid transit system’ that will connect Bradley Stoke with the centre of Bristol are on show today (Thursday 31st) at the Willow Brook Centre, between 3pm and 7pm.

The scheme aims to provide a “fast and reliable” bus service between north and south Bristol – with modern vehicles and, in places, its own right of way.

A new by-pass around Stoke Gifford, providing a more direct route for general traffic from the south of Bradley Stoke to the Avon Ring Road, is also part of the plans.

There will also be a new bus-only junction onto the M32, where Stoke Lane crosses over the motorway, close to the Dower House.

Today’s exhibition is part of the latest round of public consultation on the scheme, which runs until 13th July 2012.

Specific proposals for the Bradley Stoke area include:

  • Road widening on the north-east side of Bradley Stoke Way between Aztec West and the Willow Brook Centre, to provide additional road space for northbound bus lanes.
  • Widening of Bradley Stoke Way between the Great Meadow and Great Stoke roundabouts, for a southbound bus lane.
  • Widening of Great Stoke Way, between Great Meadow roundabout and Trevelyan Walk, for a northbound bus lane.

For further information and to respond to the consultation, visit the North Fringe to Hengrove page of the Travel+ website.

Detailed proposals for the Bradley Stoke area can be viewed here:

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  1. Pretty disgusting to put this right in the middle of a community and bearing in mind the accident rate on the road, pedestrian, cars and motorbikes. How are they going to stop people using the northbound bus lane and speeding. Why can’t they just use the existing a38 which is a dual carriageway already and save one money?

  2. And nothing to help motorists around the Aztec West area, all of this will only benefit Worst Bus, a private company feeding off tax payers subsidies.

  3. The main problem is building a housing area for 12K properties and 25K people without considering the problems of access at peak times.

    At rush hour, Aztec West is blocked, Stoke Gifford by Parkway is blocked and the Old Gloucester Rd is blocked.

    The best approach is to build the planed Stoke Gifford bypass and encourage more people to use buses.

    Aztec West may be impossible to solve. Opening up the old Trench Lane (blocked for 20+ years) may help a bit, but the best solution would be remove the lights and hope drivers drive better. This is unlikely though.

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