Fireworks this Sunday at the Jubilee Centre

Bradley Stoke Firework Display 2012.

Bradley Stoke’s ever-popular Town Council Fireworks Display takes place this year on Sunday (4th November 2012) at the Jubilee Centre, Savages Wood Road [BS32 8HL, map].

As in previous years, entrance to the display is free but there will an entry point collection for the Mayor’s charities, which this year are the Alzheimer’s Society Bradley Stoke Sports & Social Club and the Have a Heart Childline Appeal.

Last year’s display was watched by a record crowd estimated at nearly eight thousand and it raised £4,894 for the Three Brooks Nature Conservation Group and the Bradley Stoke Scouts.

With the costs of the fireworks borne by the Council, every penny collected at the event goes to charity.

Gates open at 4:30pm with hot food served from 4:45pm. The display itself starts at 6pm.

No alcohol is allowed on site and sparklers are also forbidden.

Visitors are asked to walk to the venue as no car parking will be available at the Jubilee Centre or on neighbouring streets, with the exception of disabled badge holders.

Those arriving by car are advised to park at the Willow Brook Centre (Tesco Extra) [BS32 8EF, map] and walk to the display.

Families unable to make Sunday’s event in Bradley Stoke have the choice of alternative displays in Downend tonight (Friday) and Winterbourne on Saturday. More details on our Fireworks Display page.

For more ideas of things to do over the weekend, take a look at our What’s On page – the most comprehensive guide to events in and around Bradley Stoke. Example include:

  • Half-term family roller skating at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre this afternoon (Friday 2nd November)
  • A nature conservation workday tomorrow (Saturday 3rd November) in the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve
  • Stokes Cycling Club’s novice bike ride to Westerleigh on Sunday morning (4th November)
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  1. Oh great that time of year, when you come home from work someone has parked over your drive as they are to lazy to walk from tescos, they also park in parking bays that are for people who live in our street, when you ask them not to they are so rude. Starting to hate it when the Jubilee Centre host events like this and the summer ones

  2. OK Jas, agree that is a problem, there does seem to be an awful lot of cars that are let through.
    But to be honest I look forward to this one, as I can fall out of our house at about 1800 walk to the end of the street and see the best use the local council put my council tax to all year.
    On the parking I think they should double yellow one side of savages wood road to keep the cars at least on one side of the road or keep the car park open so people coming to the green can park off the road. Having the green there is better than houses.

  3. Sliverfox. They should be using tesco car park, it’s a free, and a short walk away. All the shops will be closed at 4pm, so the car park will be empty… Yes like you its a 1 min walk from my house and a good way to see our council tax go up in smoke 😉

  4. I think myself, Jas and Silverfox all probably live in the same road! I have to agree with Jas it is getting to be a problem when they host these events at the Jubilee green but agree with Silverfox about maybe the council considering putting double yellow lines down one side of Savages Wood Road. Last year we had someone poking around the houses and cars, saying that he was lost and looking for a way out?????? The other weekend I had my wing mirror knocked off by some delightful bloke who decided to play chicken with me as there was a huge lorry parked on his side of the road and the football was on! Really don’t want to be a killjoy but please consider the residents when you’re putting on these events and tone down the interrogation you get trying to get in the road.

  5. As the secretary of the local conservation group please can I raise people’s awareness of the dangers of sky lanterns (Chinese lanterns)? There was a family setting these off at the festival last year and I tried to deter them without success, they were lovely people but they had no idea of the potential danger they were causing.

    Sky lanterns can set buildings and fields on fire when they come down. They can also frighten and injure both wildlife and farm animals. There is a horrific picture of a barn owl that was caught and killed in one – see the RSPCA web page on

    Bamboo frames aren’t ‘better’ than metal ones by the way, they take ages to rot and can injure animals that try to eat them.

    thanks for listening.

    Emma (3 Brooks Nature Conservation Group)

  6. Jim… I can assure you I’m not miserable or stupid, why would someone whose lost be poking around my neighbour’s house and car?…just saying.

  7. Just to say as someone who walked to the event last night, it was a very enjoyable display.

    The only negative thing about it was the mud! Surely BSTC could have put down covering to protect the grass and reduce the amount of mud which has totally ruined a nice pair of trainers.

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