All change on the buses (again) from September

Number 73 Bus in Bradley Stoke.

Another round of changes to Bradley Stoke’s principal bus services will be made from 1st September, The Journal has learned.

A source at South Gloucestershire Council has confirmed that the 74 service is to be withdrawn by First Bus from 1st September (less than a year after its introduction), with the route of the 73 service being adjusted from the same date to take in the Willow Brook Centre and the southern loop around Webbs Wood Road and Baileys Court Road (previously served only by the 74).

The frequency of the reconfigured 73 service will be the same as on common sections of the present 73 and 74 routes , namely “every 10 minutes” during the day, “every 30 minutes” in the evening, “every 15 minutes” on Saturdays and “every 30 minutes” on Sundays.

The revised 73 service will also be extended to run until approximately 2am in the morning between the city centre and Cribbs Causeway, providing Bradley Stoke with a ‘night bus’ for the first time in several years. Buses will leave Bristol’s Rupert Street at 0.05am, 1.05am and 2.05am (Monday through Saturday). The last two buses heading into town will pass through the Willow Brook Centre at 0.22am and 1.22am.

First Bus recently asked Bradley Stoke Town Council to share the cost of extending the late night service from Parkway Railway Station (where it currently terminates) to Cribbs Causeway, but councillors refused, with one saying she wanted to “see how many people use it before putting money into it”.

The changes are likely to be welcomed by passengers living along the northern loop of Woodlands Lane and Bowsland Way (currently served only by the 73), who, like those on the southern loop will see a doubling in service frequency. The downside for those in the north is that the diversion through the Willow Brook Centre and around south Bradley Stoke will add nine minutes to their journey, extending the total journey time from Newleaze into the city centre to 60 minutes.

The biggest losers are those passengers currently using stops on Brook Way between Manor Farm Roundabout and Orpheus Avenue (namely Kemperyleye Way, Linden Drive and Elm Close), which will no longer be served by the 73, although the peak-hours-only X73 will continue to use the full length of Brook Way.

More info: New timetable for 73/X73 from 1st Sep 2013 [PDF]

Disclaimer: All information should be considered provisional until the official timetable is published on the Bus Timetables page of the South Gloucestershire Council website.

Number 74 bus at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke.

Photo: The 74 service will disappear from 1st September 2013.

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  1. How long before they decide to lessen the number of journeys, then it will be less profitable and…….. its not worth running at all.

    Here we go again!!

  2. So yet again the bus services in Bradley Stoke are to be altered. Whilst I am pleased that people previously losing out on a bus service will now be accommodated….it is totally wrong that some of us will now be excluded from a ‘local’ bus stop and will have extra time added to our journeys! Considering that ‘First Bus’ proudly announced that the new route 73 will run every ten minutes during the daytime – surely the planners could have arranged for perhaps every other bus to serve the bus stops between Savages Wood Road and Orpheus Avenue. The new route will undoubtedly upset many people and to quote just one such group…………First Bus – please be aware that many elderly people attend a Thursday afternoon Club at ‘Christ the King’ Church in Brook Way. The disbandment of this 73 route will leave many unable to attend. So First Bus – please re-consider your plans and provide a decent bus service to EVERYONE in Bradley Stoke!

  3. Thanks for consulting those of us who live on Kemperleye Way. This is so inconvenient in so many ways. Not a good way to encourage people to use public transport. Not at all happy

  4. Typical….
    Effectively cutting out the lower half of Brook Way. Not exactly encouraging use of public transport… what about Braydon Avenue and Kemperleye Way residents?

  5. No too long ago, the bus stops on the 73 route were upgraded as the route became a Showcase bus route. Now that the 73 route is being changed will those of us in south Bradley Stoke lacking decent shelters with information boards have an upgrade?

  6. Would it not be possible to have TWO routes for example a bus 73 that continues to use the present route and also a 73B that could use the new route as well.

    A 73 and 73B bus would alternate both routes say every 15 minutes…just a suggestion but in doing so everyone would get a bus on their route during the day.

  7. Victor – do you mean like have now? The 73 has certain buses rerouted and running as a 74. Why should those who live on the 74 route miss out. We need a decent service just as much as those who live on the 73 route. They at least would have the Wessex No.13 we have nothing if the 74 doesnt run.

  8. No that is not what I mean, K Says

    What I am trying to say is that I am given to understand that the 74 bus will stop to operate as of the 31st of August…is that not so…and with that stopping, a 73B could take over the NEW route as from the 1st of September and the 73 could carry on with the present route.

    For example 73 comes at say 9am and the next bus to follow would be a 73B that would be next in line along the NEW route and would NOT come down the present 73 route, the next bus after that would be the 73 and so alternating and giving everyone a fair share.

    The X73 would not change. but that is at peak time only…which does not suit everyone who don’t work.

    Sorry, I over looked the Wessex No 13 but how frequent that is I don’t know.

  9. From what I understand Firstbus will keep the 74 route via Baileys Court, but change the number to 73. There will be no 73 route up by Kemperley Way. Not sure about the frequency of the Wessex No.13.

    Give it a few months and I no doubt it will be all change again!!! We will have just got used to it as well……

  10. The SGC website seems clear to me.

    The 74 is cancelled

    The 73 will return to a 10 minute service, and will now lose three stops along Brook Way by using the 74’s route via Willow Brook Centre, BS South and Baileys Court. This will add 10 minutes to the journey.

    FirstBus have not yet issued their new timetables/routes so it is didificult to comment on what will exactly happen.,

  11. Official announcement today from First Bus:

    Service 73/X73 (Centre – Cribbs Causeway): The route and frequency of the buses operating on Service 73 is being amended (details below) and some minor timetable changes are being made to Service X73.

    From 1 September the route that Service 73 buses take around Bradley Stoke will change. Specifically they will follow the normal route as far as Orpheus Avenue and then will travel along Baileys Court Road, Webbs Wood Road, Bradley Stoke Way, Willow Brooke Centre, Savages Brook Road before rejoining the existing route of Service 73 and travelling onwards to Cribbs Causeway. The changes mean that Service 73 buses will no longer call at stops on Brook Way at Elm Close, Braydon Avenue and Linden Drive (although Service X73 buses will still call here) and that people wishing to travel will need to walk to stops on Brook Way by Orpheus Avenue, Baileys Court Road or Manor Farm Way instead. Notably the route changes will offer people in Bowsland Way, Trench Lane and Woodlands Lane direct access by bus to the Willow Brook Centre, while also making it easier for people travelling to the business park in Woodlands Lane to get there using public transport.

    Coinciding with the route change the frequency of buses will improve significantly. From September buses will run every 10 minutes (Monday – Saturday daytime) – which is a marked improvement from the current 20 minute frequency. Buses will run every 15 minutes on Saturday daytime (compared to every half hour at present) and every 30 minutes during the evenings and on Sundays and Public Holidays (compared to hourly at present). These frequency improvements are expected to be especially welcomed by people in Bradley Stoke South who, prior to September 2012 didnt have access to a regular daytime bus service.

    Finally, some changes are being made to the late evening timetable for Service 73 buses. From September First will take on some previously supported evening journeys on a trial basis (as Council funding for them has been lost) and it will similarly offer some extended late night journeys, at 0005, 0105 and 0205 journeys from the centre and at 0005 and 0105 from Cribbs Causeway. This change will give late night revellers and shift workers the opportunity to travel to Little Stoke, Bradley Stoke, Aztec West and Cribbs Causeway into the early hours, however it should be noted that these journeys are being offered on a use it or lose it trial basis for six months.

    People who use Service 73/X73 and 74 at present are advised to check the new timetable for services to ensure they understand what is happening.

    Service 74 (Centre – Cribbs Causeway): This route is being withdrawn, but the route and frequency of buses on Service 73 is being amended to minimise the impact of this.

  12. The 73 was called a showcase route some time ago. What a joke it was then changed to a 20 min service (joke) weekdays & 30 min Saturdays. I cannot see the latest changes improving it. Since It took me three hours to travel from Bradley Stoke North to the Prom/Cheltenham Road arches. Less than ten minutes in a shop and back. I accept as a pensioner I did not have to pay.
    But it was a damp day. It would have been better and much quicker to have used two liters of fuel in my car. Plus not have traveled in a bus which most not have been cleaned for weeks if this year. It would be intrusting to know any buses fail to run on 73 route each day I suggest up to 20%.

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