Two arrested over Woodlands Lane graffiti ‘tagging’

Police car.

Police have arrested two men after responding to reports of graffiti being painted on street furniture and properties in north Bradley Stoke.

They received two phone calls at about 11.15pm on Friday 8th November 2013 from witnesses reporting suspicious activity in the Woodlands Lane area of the town.

Patrolling officers responded and found that graffiti ‘tags’ had been painted on a bus stop, a bin, a wall and a post box, as well as at nearby businesses in Woodlands Lane and Great Park Road.

Officers searched the area and arrested two young men nearby just before midnight.

Two 18-year-old men are currently on police bail pending further enquiries.

Neighbourhood Inspector Bob Evely said:

“We’re really grateful to the callers who rang to report this criminal damage as it was happening. This sort of help from the community is so important to help us tackle this sort of anti-social behaviour and in this case has led to two arrests.”

Source: Press release from Avon and Somerset Police

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  1. Well done to the callers and the police for responding so quickly to this.

    Now as a punishment make the little scrotes, and their parents, remove the graffiti using nothing more than a wire brush and large amounts of elbow grease.

    If that doesn’t infringe their human rights of course.

  2. This happened also in Baileys Court Road a few weeks ago when a litter bin, bus shelter, post box and wall were spray canned (tagged?) yellow.
    Probably just a coincidence!!

  3. As a minimum they should be forced to clean ALL graffiti in a 2 mile radius and be billed for police time.

    What will actually happen is that they will be let off with a caution.

  4. Walking to work this morning I noticed some graffiti had been sprayed on a van in Diana gardens and on a couple of homes in Snowberry close- this wasn’t tagging but it was equally mindless and probably more offensive due to the word sprayed onto the van which would have been seen by a lot of primary school kids.

  5. that van was my sons and yes it was offensive, going to report it, but doesn’t seem it could be connected to the Friday incident as happened on sat/sun we think

  6. Dani, yes I expect so, I have reported this on the online police website, you should do the same, the more they know the better I would think

  7. A month has gone by. The graffiti is still in Woodlands Lane. Two bus stops have their timetable so defaced it’s impossible to read the bus times, although on the Woodlands Park stop someone has scratched off enough to just decipher the information. The stop at Newleaze remains non-readable.

  8. Lots in Woodlands Lane area. Particularly up footpath from Bowsland Way to Woodlands Lane. Main culprit uses tag “ZANE”

    Anyone know who this idiot is? If so report them. These people are casing thousands of pounds worth of damage. It’s not just a bit of fun!

    What are our councillors and police doing about it?Sorry for those who want to know what police are – well you sometimes see them driving about in fast cars
    Don’t see too many walking out and about Bradley Stoke at night or any other time!

  9. Moe, thanks for highlighting the graffiti problem, have contacted BSTC office as have the police and our Mobile Cleansing Operative, Jason, went up to the area yesterday and removed all the graffiti.

  10. I understand that the Town Council can only remove graffiti from their own property which appears to be only the two bus shelters affected in Woodlands Lane, not even the timetable boards.

    A site inspection on 5th January revealed that most of the original offending material is still there, viz:

    Brick wall opposite Woods Solicitors (2 sections)
    Newleaze Bus Timetable
    Bridge parapet of Patchway Brook
    Red post box
    Traffic lights control box
    Black waste bin on street light number 10
    Post Office street cabinet

    It is high time that something is done by somebody to clean up the mess.

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