Councillors to inspect MetroBus route as planning decision nears

Proposed bus rapid transit route in North Bradley Stoke.

Local residents have another chance to have their say on the proposed £102m North Fringe to Hengrove Package (NFHP) MetroBus scheme tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd July) when a sub-committee of South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) convenes in the town for a site inspection visit.

The plans, if approved, would see a number of sections of new bus lane constructed along Bradley Stoke Way, including a long stretch running from the end of the existing bus lane adjacent to the Willow Brook Centre up to Patchway Brook Roundabout (near Aldi). There would also be a major changes on the approach to the Aztec West Roundabout and reconfiguration of the Woodlands Lane junction.

The council’s Development Control (West) Sites Inspection Sub Committee is due to assemble near Patchway Brook Roundabout at around 2.20pm and members of the public will have a chance to give their views on the proposals during a public participation session at the start of the meeting

Anyone wishing to make representations in accordance with the published procedures should meet the committee at the junction of Bradley Stoke Way and Brook Way (adjacent to Pizza Hut).

Representations already received from residents and noted in a report prepared in advance of the meeting include:

  • “Children crossing Bradley Stoke Way to the secondary school etc will have to negotiate a bus lane as well now.”
  • “Impact on Savages Wood, a protected area, is contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).”
  • “Difficulties exiting The Worthies at the southern end of Bradley Stoke Way due to increased traffic flows and road widening.”
  • “Inadequate provision for pedestrian safety at Webbs Wood roundabout on Bradley Stoke Way – children crossing to Primary schools and secondary school. A new crossing is needed as it will become more hazardous.”

Bradley Stoke Town Council has said it has no objection to the planning application, “subject to satisfactory negotiations with SGC regarding a piece of land owned by [the town council]”. This comment is believed to refer to a small parcel of land near Primrose Bridge, dubbed a “ransom strip” by one town councillor, which it is thought would need to be acquired by SGC in order to implement the proposed road widening scheme.

Town councillors did, however, raise concerns about “the impact on the traffic flow along the southern end of Bradley Stoke Way”.

More info: Agenda for the meeting on 22nd July (SGC)

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  1. How about some help for “normal” traffic to get in and out of Bradley Stoke through this “pinch point”! These proposals will do nothing for all the traffic journeys that cant be made by taking the bus i.e. all the motorway bound commuter traffic.

  2. There was a plan, a long time ago, to have another M4 motorway junction, over Beacon Lane, between M32 and M4/M5. However, I am not convinced that this plan was every viable due the distance between M32 and M4/M5 and the traffic density.

    Not metioned in the above article is the extension of Bradley Stoke Way/Great Stoke Way onto the ring road. This will alter the dynamic of traffic in Bradley Stoke removing traffic from Stoke Guifford, and allowing better access to M32/M4.

    The total effect on Bradley Stoke of adding 10K homes at Charlton Hayes and Hambrook, with improved roads and bus services is impossible to predict,

  3. Are there any plans for safe crossings for school children, i.e bridge, not pointless flashin speed sighs, there have already been too many children knocked down on Bradley stoke way.

  4. How long has this been in the planning now? Even with the increase in traffic and the need to make some improvement to traffic flow I won’t get too excited.

  5. @K, It’s reaching the final stages now. A decision on the planning application is expected to be made by SGC in September. A public inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase Order for land required for the Stoke Gifford By-Pass is scheduled for October. Subject to final approval by the Department for Transport, construction is planned to start “early next year”.

  6. Has the council surveyed the “normal traffic” to determine how many could use other modes of transport, such as walk, bike or bus. Many of the journeys no doubt do not need a car for the majority of the drivers.

    It would also help if all of the crossings along Bradley Stoke way were set like the crossing by BSCS, to change soon after the button is pressed. Why does the pedestrian have to wait in the elements in favour of the driver and passengers sheltered in a car?

  7. It’s great that the traffic issues are being addressed in part. Aztec West roundabout and Parkway to UWE really need help and hopefully this will help. It’s only part of the solution though and hopefully the bus route will encourage further uptake in public transport use. The number of cars occupied solely by the driver is staggering. The worry of course is if you ease congestion people then return to their cars as their commute is easier and then you’re back to square one.

    I can’t help but feel a bit part of the solution is to stop children being driven to school by improving school bus provision. School holidays, when admittedly some parents are also on leave, does wonders for congestion issues.

  8. Why are we wasting huge amount of public money to subsidise a private company, 90% of the resident in Bradley Stoke work away from bus routes and dont use them, there is a Bus Lane on the A38 that wasted millions of taxpayers money and moves a few passengers then blocks the road by forcing their way across in front of traffic to get round Aztec roundabout. Why dont these idiots actually look at what is needed and deal with the problems not make things worse by putting a few empty buses in the way of thousands of drivers who are treated poorly by the system and pay billions in taxes to uses roads that dont work

  9. For those people that do in fact get the bus to work and do pay road tax as well i welcome a bus journey that will take less than 1hr to get into work in the mornings. Although I have to admit First is not the best bus company as they are unreliable and costly. Lets hope when this new bus lane eventually opens there will be more frequent buses that are on time and actually turn up, low cost and a speedy journey into town. Perhaps the people that drive who think they are being treated poorly should take a bus trip into work and see what the people taking public transport to work have to put up with.

  10. Can’t see it being of any use for my husband. Leaves Baileys Court end at 4.30 to bus to Aztec, work for three hours, then has to go over by UWE to work for two hours and then back to Baileys Court. All in an evening!!!

    His bus journey to Aztec alone can take up to half an hour. With a reduced service on an evening its easier to use the car.

  11. The local population is increasing, and no matter how it is planned, without significant investment in public in transport we will suffer more severe grid lock.

    The First Bus routes that service Bradley Stoke in morning and evening rush hour are not empty, and in many cases are standing room only.

    The new plan for a Metro Bus route will provide better and more frequent bus services, and WILL open up the new route from Bradley Stoke Way to the ring road. This will take a lot of pressure of morning/night grid lock in Stoke Gifford and is well overdue.

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