Council vehicle destroyed in suspected arson attack at Baileys Court

Aftermath of a suspected arson attack on a storage container at the Baileys Court Activity Centre in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Thousands of pounds of damage has been caused in a suspected arson attack on storage containers located on the edge of the cricket field at the Baileys Court Activity Centre in Bradley Stoke.

Fire crews from Patchway, Southmead and Soundwell attended the incident shortly after 3am on Tuesday morning (22nd July). On arrival, they found two containers well alight.

The fire was extinguished by four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus using a 45mm jet reel and a high pressure hose.

A spokesperson for the Avon Fire & Rescue Service said it is believed the fire was started deliberately.

The main part of the fire was in a container used by Bradley Stoke Town Council to house its three-wheel ‘tuk-tuk’ maintenance vehicle, which was completely destroyed (photo). The container is also believed to have housed equipment belonging to Bradley Stoke in Bloom (BSiB) and Bradley Stoke Radio.

Smoke and heat damage was also caused to equipment owned by Bradley Stoke Cricket Club stored in an adjoining container.

The Journal has heard from a number of sources that an attempt had been made to break into the containers the previous night (Sunday night / Monday morning).

Writing on The Journal’s Facebook page yesterday, Sara Messenger of BSiB said:

“The container contained everything that BSiB had, the council tuk-tuk (vehicle) and some Bradley Stoke Radio equipment / generator. I had a quick look this afternoon before the police were due and the only thing that has not been incinerated is a waxed ball of string! BSiB have lost everything, even the tea and biscuits!”

A police spokesperson said it is believed the fire was started sometime between 3.30pm on Monday and 2.15am on Tuesday. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference 74477/14.

Fire-damaged container housing equipment belonging to Bradley Stoke Cricket Club.

Photo: Fire-damaged container housing equipment belonging to Bradley Stoke Cricket Club. [Credit: Mark Wilson]

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  1. Statement read out at last night’s meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council’s Planning Committee:

    Between the hours of 23:30 Sunday 20th July and 06:00 Monday 21st July, BSTC had an attempted break-in and criminal damage on the three shipping containers at Baileys Court Activity Centre. The police were duly called and the forensic team were on site following day. No fingerprints were found. Nothing was taken from the containers, but it left damage to the doors and hinges, BSTC staff made safe and secured the containers on Monday.

    At approximately 03:08 on Tuesday morning (22nd July) the Fire Service and Police were called to the site as the middle container had been set on fire. The fire was completely contained within the middle container, but unfortunately there was heat and smoke damage to the adjoining container which contained Bradley Stoke Cricket Club equipment.

    All contents of the middle container were incinerated including the BSTC Piaggio vehicle and a large proportion of BSTC’s maintenance tools in addition to Bradley Stoke in Bloom and Bradley Stoke Radio equipment. The Forensics team have once again been on site and again found no fingerprints.

    Nothing was seen on CCTV, as this area is not covered on the grounds, however following these incidents BSTC officers are looking into costs to install security measures in this area.

    The area is currently cordoned off and BSTC officers are dealing with the insurers and loss adjusters daily. The insurers will be examining the damages on site over the next couple of days.


    Councillor Andy Ward thanked everyone who has been involved in dealing with this incident, especially Mike Mundy from Bradley Stoke Cricket Club, who attended the site after having been called out by the Fire Service/Police in the middle of the night as they needed the keys to the Cricket Club container.

  2. What a sad story, people hell bent on not just damaging, but destroy council property. I’m sure someone knows something about this so I hope they contact the Police with their suspicions.

    Can I suggest that when BSTC look to replace the Piaggio they look to buy an electric vehicle which would make better sense when is covers such a small area and does a little bit to help the environment.


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