Bus late again? Help compile our travel survey and we’ll ask First for answers

A First West of England bus, pictured in Bristol city centre.

Following numerous reports on social media channels that the reliability of Bradley Stoke’s bus services has deteriorated in recent months, The Journal is today launching a survey of readers’ travel experiences, with the intention of building up an evidence base that can be presented to service operators, local councils and regulators.

We are asking users of the 73, X73 and X74 services to record punctuality, actual journey times and “no show” events, either here on our website (by leaving a comment on this article), on The Journal’s Facebook page (by sending a message or leaving a comment on this post), via The Journal’s Twitter feed or by texting The Journal on 01454 300 400.

Please be sure to tell us which service you were using, direction (e.g. to/from city centre or Cribbs Causeway), where you got on and off and the timetabled/actual times of departure and arrival (if known).

You will be able to leave comments on this story for 60 days, but the initial findings will be sent to service operator First after a week or so.

Smartphone users might also like to consider tweeting incident reports direct to @FirstBSA or by posting on the First West of England Facebook page.

It is acknowledged that some delays may be due to circumstances outside the control of the operator, such as unusually heavy traffic conditions, roadworks and severe weather, so we will also be monitoring other reporting channels such as First’s Twitter feed and BBC Travel so that any mitigating circumstances are also recorded.

Here is a small sample of the damning comments left on our Facebook page over the last two weeks:

Matt W: “It’s gotten terrible (more so than usual) recently. Buses don’t turn up & when they do (always late) there are generally two of them. Not good enough.”

Gareth C: “This isn’t new. The busses to the Centre aren’t too bad but the busses from the Centre have been getting progressively worse for some time.”

Anya B: “Waited for nearly an hour last tuesday evening there should have two buses within that time one finally turned up at some random time which is becoming more typical recently.”

Naomi D: “This morning, no 73 turned up for 40 mins, missing two timetabled services. 2hrs after I left my house I finally arrived in town!”

Rachel H: “The x73 service is always late. I have to get the 7.15 from parkway which regularly turns up at 7.30 to start work at 8.30 in town because the so called 7.45 that should get me into town by 8,10 usually gets in after 8.30. Not good when you have to open your building up!! And don’t get me started on coming home!! If the bus is at the stop within 15 minutes of its expected time it’s good!!! It just isn’t good enough. Something has to be done.”

Steve H: “I get the train as of today, after 5 years of unreliable buses, x73, 73 etc… Had enough!!”

Nick B: “Left work at 20.00 at the mall last week 21.00 still no bus and was told it didn’t show up till 21.30.”

Claire D “16:25 X73 is ALWAYS late now it has changed times. Assuming that it bothers to turn up that is.”

Paula G: “I work in an office in the city centre near the 73 stop and finish at 5pm. Since the commencement of the X74 service you never know when the X73 will arrive or depart if at all! Service has gone downhill. The x74 adds 20 mins on to my journey time. Get a grip First bosses or may be time for a change in operator!”

Matt W: “The 73 service has fallen off a cliff recently. Buses are ALWAYS late, if they turn up at all. Five Cribbs buses through Willow Brook this morning before one for the Centre turned up. It’s pitiful.”

Elaine M:  “X73 bus was listed on digital display at Haymarket stop as 5mins, 3 mins, 1 min, due….then a 73 goes past with ‘out of service’ on it. X73 details suddenly disappear from digital display.”

Margaret W: “This 73 service is a joke. Last Wednesday me and a lot of people where on the bus stop from 9 30 and a bus did not turn up till 10 20 when 2 turned up at the same time it’s a joke and they want people to use public transport.”

Sources: Post #1 (30th Sep); Post #2 (7th Oct)

If you’re unsure about when your bus was due to depart or arrive, you can check the official timetables here:

Smartphone users can download the following apps which provide timetable and real-time information:

According to First’s website, their Customer Promise offers customers who hold a valid travel ticket or pass, the opportunity to make a claim for free travel in the following instances*:

  • A service departs from a scheduled timing point more than one minute early
  • A service departs from a boarding stop more than 20 minutes late
  • We fail to operate an advertised service for reasons within our control

* The arrangements for compensation are only available for First services in the West of England and do not apply to certain delays that are outside our control for example vandalism, security alerts, industrial action, severe weather, heavy traffic conditions, road works and road closures.

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  1. Reader comment received via text message:

    In relation to your article around the poor service of the 73/x74 service. On Saturday 11th October the 18:35 x74 service from the centre to bradley stoke didn’t turn up. The morning x73 week day services are constantly late going from brook way to the centre.

  2. Comment from Andrew Simpson-Lynas (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    My biggest problem is no bus, then two tailgating each other. When I lived up north, if a bus was running late, a spare bus would be used to start the route on time, and the late running bus would become the spare bus. I know this means that the driver needs to know multiple routes, but that is called training.

  3. I catch the 7:00 am X73 from outside the Bradley Stoke Surgery most days and the service is usually reliable. However, the evening 04:25 pm X73 service from Rupert Street is nearly always late, often by over half an hour, on some occasions it has not turned up at all,. There is also no digital display at the bus stop so there is no information and when asked other bus drivers just shrug their shoulders and say that they have no idea where the X73 is. First may argue traffic problems but before the services were recently ‘tweaked’ the 04:20 pm X73 service was usually fairly reliable and often early. They are now obviously using a bus from a different route and have got their logistics all wrong. What is even more anniying is that whilst waiting for the X73 multiple 73, 70 and 75 services pass by, often with few people on. The current situation is totally unacceptable and is counter-productive with respect to George Ferguson’s mission to get people out if cars and using public transport. Very poor.

  4. Numerous cases …

    The 0638/0648/0653 73 are always late, have on accession arrived in convoy at the Newleaze bus stop.

    The X73 at 0658 (Newleaze) is always 5 minutes late!

    Evening return trips are a lottery, X73 at 1650 has failed to appear twice last week, although the X74 does appear ok.

  5. I arrived at Parkway station at 20:40 on Wednesday evening and waited for the 21:00 bus to arrive and nothing. I continued to wait for the 21:30 bus to arrive and again nothing. Finally at 21:45, after an hour with two buses having failed to turn up, rather than continue to wait I took a taxi. I contacted First Bristol on Friday and was told that due to heavy traffic earlier on in the evening the buses were running late and due to this some of the drivers had gone passed their allowable driving hours so they had been forced to cancel some of the services. When asked whether they (First Bristol) would be willing to foot the cost of the taxi the customer services person said that that was not possible. We will see what the service is like again this week.

  6. Comment from Donna Fry (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    Id like to know why 2 73 buses turned up at 9.15 weds morn at orpheus ave bradley stoke, then the next was due 40mins later? I couldn’t get on one bus cos i had a buggy and there was already 2 on there, and the other bus didn’t even stop. I managed to walk in the end, which took half hr…
    I’ve waited 45 mins in the same stop before. My toddler was crying for a wee and it started to rain … waiting this amount of time isn’t on.

  7. Comment from Tracy Anderson (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    Ok everyday I get on the same bus stop at the same time of 9.05am to catch the 73 bus that’s suppose to arrive outside baileys court pub at 9.12 am sometimes the bus is there by 9.06 and other times I’m waiting till 9.40! I understand that things happen, and I don’t mind if it’s a few minutes late, but when there should be another bus at 9.27 and that doesn’t turn up either it’s very frustrating when you rely on the bus to get you to work and the bus makes you late! It’s really embarrassing ringing work and have to tell them your going to be late again! And just as annoying is the fact I have to get a day rider even thou I only wanna go down the road and back again, it costs me £4 day to get in to work late! The solution is bring back returns AND have more buses on the road!

  8. Comment from Kris Leigh W Bell (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    I regularly get the 8.35pm 73 from Cribbs to Bradley Stoke in the evening and in the last 2 weeks there has been 4 no shows. Getting fed up now why bother advertising the service on a timetable if it is not going to show up?

  9. I use the 73 bus to go to town from bowsland way or up to cribs, sometimes I’m waiting a good 50 mins!! Not acceptable definitely need more buses running it’s ridiculous.

  10. The last three weeks (Every Monday morning) The 9:15 & 9:30 buses hasn’t showed up on time, In fact often arriving together around 9:50am! I catch the bus from Bailey’s Court stop. On a few occasions when I complained to first I have received nothing but the usual “report here page” But what is the point in complaining when nothing changes? Plus they then have the cheek to up the bus fare! Very disappointing.

  11. The X73 at 6:57 going to the centre is usually quite OK at turning up on time, although the last few weeks it does seem to be turning up late most days. A few times it has failed to turn up at all, with it completely disappearing from the display board. The worst one for me is the 16:25 X73 from the centre to Cribbs as It completely fails to turn up on time and regularly just doesn’t turn up at all. This is extremely frustrating for passengers, especially as we have no display board at the Rupert St stop therefore we have no idea if one is going to turn up or not. There are people who use that time bus to get back to their childminders, and obviously with the lousy time keeping of the service, this makes them late to collect their children. The 16:20 X73 used to run perfectly, rarely was it late. Then they changed the time of it to 16:25… Bottom line, lousy service for the X73’s

  12. Comment from Gordon Cox (received via text message):

    The 73 service from Bradley Stoke to Gloucester Road, must be the most unreliable bus service I have had the misfortune to use! E.g. On Wednesday the 8th Oct, the no 73 should of arrived at Sherbourne Avenue bus stop at 8pm, it did not turn up, bus finally arrived at 8.30pm. Where was the 8pm bus? This has happened on many occasions. On asking the driver, he simply shrugs his shoulders without explanation!

  13. Comment from Gareth Cole (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    On Friday 03 October, I arrived at a bus stop on Bailey’s Court road. This particular stop is known as the ‘Ellan Hay Road’ stop. The time was 0815 and I wanted to catch the next 73 towards the centre. The next bus arrived at 0915. Therefore, in the time I had waited, four buses were due.

    I completely understand that traffic, roadworks etc can delay journeys but I do not accept that the traffic was such that it took the planned amount of time PLUS an additional hour for any of the four busses to travel from Cribbs Causeway to Bradley Stoke.

  14. Comment from Chrissie Mulligan (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    My 15 year old daughter was left waiting for over an hour for the 73 from Parkway to Bradley Stoke in the cold and wet she finally got home at 6.50 … This is totally unacceptable – First should be ashamed.

  15. Comment from Jon Barrett (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    I also waited for an hour at Parkway this evening until four, yes 4, No.73 busses arrived at once! Last used the bus over 6 months ago and said never again but had no choice today. Why can’t First install Live information boards at the larger stops, at least we’d know how long to wait.

  16. Comment from Anthony Blacker (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    Since the new service timings started its fairly common for the 07:48 73 at Bailey’s Court to turn up with the 08:01. Tonight, left work at 17:50, two 73s arrived together at Abbey Wood at 18:10. A third 73 caught them at Parkway. First are a disgrace.

  17. This morning I was appalled by the bus driver’s behaviour on the 7.02 X73 from Brook Way. The bus was very busy so some people were standing. When we got to the last stop before the motorway the driver proceeded to order the people that had been standing, off of the bus in an extremely rude manner (including a teenage schoolgirl). Surely if he knew that he couldn’t take standing passengers onto the motorway, he shouldn’t have let the last few on in the first place.

  18. I was on the bus as well, and this is not the first time it has happened!

    Also, last night the 1720 X73 from the centre must have had 10-15 standing passengers along the M32.

    I understand why a bus cannot carry standing passengers on a motorway, but First must be aware of this and must lay on more capacifty at peak times.!

    It should extend the X74 to travel to include all of Brook Way, from Aldi to Christ The King, that way, this will provide more options and capacity for many.

  19. I get the 7.02 X73 from Brook Way which, despite it generally being a few minutes late and on occasion not turning up at all, is pretty reliable. However the return journey, the 4.25 from Rupert Street, is frequently late or just doesn’t turn up. This seems to have started when the timetables changed in September, before this the bus was pretty much on time or early.

    The X73 is a very popular bus and is always very busy, due to its direct route into central Bristol. I believe that more people would travel by bus into town if this route was run all day, at frequent intervals. I always try to avoid using the 73 to get into central Bristol as its meandering route it takes such a long time.

  20. @3speeders on Twitter:

    @FirstBSA Yesterday 10.19 73 bus from Bradley Stoke Surgery to Centre arrived along with the 10.31 73. Missed train as a result.

  21. Since the start of September the 73/x73/x74 service has been appalling. This may coincide with the slight amendments to the service, combined with the increase in traffic. Either way, it appears this traffic is here to say, and so First should be adapting to make sure their services aren’t running so late. Every week the 7.37 from Brook Way to the Centre is around 5 mins late, which itself isnt too bad. However, Firsts timetables and their website state that bus should arrive in town around 8.06. It’s arriving around 8.40. They clearly don’t anticipate traffic during rush hour on their timetables! You’d think the timetables would have a more realistic arrival time. A journey that they state takes about 30 mins is taking an hour. Surely if their timetables were more realistic it would enable more customers to get a bus that ensures they’ll arrive on time for work. I for one would rather arrive 30 mins earlier than the scheduled arrival time than 30 mins late as is currently the case. However, based on Clare’s comment, it doesn’t seem feasible for us to start getting the earlier x73, as the bus driver will kick people that are standing off of the bus! Yet these people are probably getting this bus because their old bus now gets them to work late! Has it really become that bad that I’m getting a bus at 7.06 to try and get into town for 8.30?

    When we complain all we get is told to log our concerns on a form, with no action taken as a result of that. Fortunately my employer is sympathetic to my problem, but what about those who start punishing their staff for being constantly late?

    Disgusting service from First as a company from top to bottom.

  22. @justinscouse on Twitter:

    @FirstBSA 73 services to centre are a no show once again (as usual) 0922 & 0937 no shows #helpourbusesaremissing

  23. This mornings 06:58 X73 from Ormonds Close was terrible. Not because of it being late, this time because of a very rude driver. Basically, by the time the bus had reached the final stop before the M32 (Sainsburys) the driver told the standing passengers to find a seat or get off as they couldn’t remain standing while travelling down the motorway. Whilst I understand the safety aspect of this, what I fail to understand is WHY the driver continued to let people onto the bus when it was clearly packed. Why take someone’s money then two stops later tell them to get off??? Surely it would of been prudent of him to do a check of seating space BEFORE letting on any more passengers? The people who got off included a school girl and a Doctor.
    I applaud First on their safety rules, but I do NOT applaud the way the driver handled the situation. Rude is too kind a word. Also, if these rules are to apply at ALL times, perhaps First could let ALL their drivers know, as it doesn’t seem to apply drivers of the 17:20 & 17:50 X73 travelling up the M32…

    First seriously need a shake up.

  24. I understand that there is little First can do about heavy traffic, but as a bare minimum I think we ought to demand that the “real-time” information is accurate so that everybody knows the situation. The current displays seem to operate in a time warp: “3 mins” means it’s 6 minutes away, “1 min” means it’s 2 minutes away, “Due” means it’s 1 minute away. I can live with that, but the worst is for buses departing from the Centre where you don’t get any real-time information at all – not just because there isn’t a display: even the smartphone app only lists the timetabled start time, which doesn’t account for any delays the bus has before it gets to the start of the route.

    The 1720 X73 departing from the Centre can be anything from 5 to 30 minutes late even turning up at stop Ca. That’s 5 to 30 minutes I could be doing something productive rather than standing and waiting (these days in the rain).

    So my plea to First is: I get that you can’t beat the traffic, but at least keep us up to date about where your buses are!

  25. Comment from Kris Leigh W Bell (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    The 73 due at 11.11am at willow brook to cribbs is a no show again. It suddenly dropped off the bus checker app and showing next one due in 16 mins so much for a every 12 min service.

  26. @krisbell77 on Twitter:

    @FirstBSA will you ever get the 73 service to cribbs right? 2 no shows n im late for work again. Thanks a bunch

  27. Wouldn’t our SGC be ran under Conservative rules? Maybe don’t vote for them next time? They always seem to approve anything with money Value.

  28. Comment from Anna Clarke (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    The first X73 to town was full when it arrived at the Sainsbury’s stop this morning and the driver would not let anyone stand (which is the norm) someone refused to get off so a very generous lady from upstairs got off so that we could all get to work and not be further delayed. We need more buses at this time as you have to be on this bus to guarantee getting to work for 9am !! (If the next bus is late – I am late for work and I only have a 15 min walk from town bus stop). I think the bus arrived at 7.45 – timetable says due in at 7.30.

  29. Comment from Anna Ściążko (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    I use 73 every day . I am on parkway bus station around 9.10 so bus supposed to be at 9.20, 9.30 … Every 10 minute. But first which arrives is at 9.40 or 9.50 … So every day about 40 minutes I’m waiting on bus station , madness!!!

  30. Comment from Vanessa Jones (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    I dropped my daughter at school and went to catch the X73 to the centre due just after 9. Ended up on the previous X73 going to the centre as that bus was running half hour late. Didn’t get into town until 10.15 and as work is a 15 minute walk from the centre I was well late today.

  31. Real Time displays? How about a bus shelter at least for the Bus Stop between the end of Saxon Way and Courtlands! At the moment everyone has to stand and wait for their late bus in the rain, let alone know how late its actually going to be!

  32. Wife missed her train today as bus was 45 mins late. (73)

    Also I had to wait 10 mins extra for the x73 but this is good considering how bad it has been.

  33. Please remember to tell us which service you were using, direction (e.g. to/from city centre or Cribbs Causeway), where you got on and off and the timetabled/actual times of departure and arrival (if known).

  34. In response to claims that the morning X73 services are consistently late arriving in Bristol city centre, could passengers please report actual arrival times for us? Leave a comment on this story, on BSJ Facebook or text 01454 300 400. Thank you.

  35. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre scheduled to arrive at 0806, actually arrived at penultimate stop CQ at 0834.

  36. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre. Departed Linden Drive 7.39am (scheduled 7.36am). Arrived at The Centre 8.34 (scheduled 8.06am).

    [Ed: This is the 7.15am X73 from Cribbs – arriving 28min late.]

  37. I ride a Vespa and yesterday, between the Bailey’s Court Roundabout and the Gypsy Patch roundabout, I passed x2 73s and x1 X73, each with two or three cars between them. This was about 8:45.

  38. On 08 Oct, I waited for over 30 minutes to catch 73 service from Willow Brook to Parkway. As per the current timetable, bus service at 14:59 and 15:11 didn’t arrived at Willow Brook at all.

    Finally the bus arrived at around 15:23 due to which I missed my 15.30 train from Parkway.

  39. The 2205 73 from the Centre failed to turn up tonight. Hoping that the bus parked up a few stops down is the 2235! Since the bus service was “improved” in September the reliability has been shocking.

  40. Further update… Bus turned up very late and the driver confirmed he’s been told to only go to Parkway. Asked the driver to check with the depot that there was a bus coming that would actually go to Bradley Stoke. Despite calling several times the depot ignored the driver! Held the bus at the Centre for 10 mins until the 2235 turned up at 2245 which is actually going to Bradley Stoke. Thanks to a great driver who understood the concerns of two girls on their own but appalling service from First Bus.

  41. Reading the timetable, it is almost inevitable that all buses will be late getting to and from Cribbs Causeway. The journey is planned to take 19 minutes on the 73 timetable. On an average day you probably won’t leave Bradley Stoke within 19 minutes let alone get to Cribbs. There are times it has taken upwards of 30 minutes to get to Aztec West.

  42. We should have much cheaper and more reliable (maybe run by the council) bus service. First it’s the worst. The 73 and X73 are often late. But when they are late you are welcomed by a rude bus driver and there is not even a “Sorry for the delay”. But the worst in my opinion is the poor customer service on the 0844. Once I had to wait almost 45 minutes for a 73 to the Centre. A woman and her friends phoned customer service: the reply was: We are sorry but there is a lot of delay because the city centre has been evacuated! The two ladies (scared) decided not to wait any more…so I was on my own at the bus station. I started to check Twitter and I couldn’t find any information about Bristol City Centre being evacuated. So I decided to phone customer service, and this time the reply was: Sorry there is delays because some trees are on the middle of the road and it is affecting the 73 service. At the end when the 73 arrived…the driver told me: there is a lot of traffic! I really cannot stand FIRST.

  43. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre. Departed Linden Drive 7.38am (scheduled 7.36am). Arrived at The Centre 8.32 (scheduled 8.06am).

    [Ed: This is the 7.15am X73 from Cribbs – arriving 26min late.]

  44. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre scheduled to arrive at 0806, actually arrived at penultimate stop CQ at 0832.

  45. Comment from Julie Mountfield (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    I have to be in town this morning and cannot drive as I am at the eye hospital and told not to drive, I have never caught the bus from Bradley Stoke before but have watched these postings over the past few weeks and decided it wasn’t worth the stress of wondering if I would actually get to my appointment I’ve asked someone to drive me in. How do people that rely on buses ever get to where they need to be on time?

  46. After the last few days, with 06344 & 0654 arriving late at Winsbury Way, I decided to stroll to Willow Brook centre and got the X74.

    It arrived on time at 0650, and dropped me off at the centre at 0725. Pretty good!

    First have to ensure that the 73/X73 leave Cribbs on time.

  47. Now that the X74 has started up I have at last got a bus that passes down the section of Brookway that did not have a bus service in the past.
    I caught the 9.45am into the centre and it came on time it is what I had been waiting for…so far so good…a very good service. thank you.

  48. Comment from Elaine Murphy (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    We always get an earlier one than we think we need to get….just a point to note, the traffic on m32 into town is really bad at the moment making thee journey over an hour!

  49. Comment from Dani Godwin (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    6.45 pm bus from the centre didnt turn up/was late (next one turned up at 7)

  50. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre. Departed Linden Drive 7.37am (scheduled 7.36am). Arrived at The Centre 8.12am (scheduled 8.06am).

    [Ed: This is the 7.15am X73 from Cribbs – arriving 6min late.]

  51. Absolutely livid. Waiting from 21.50 for the 22.05 73 home. It arrives at 22.30 but only goes to Parkway. I ask where the 22.05 is. Driver says he is 22.05 but because he’s so late (happy to say he’s not on service for 10 minutes waiting) his manager has said Parkway only. I query this and am told by the driver that I’m the problem, I’m making him late by enquiring like this. Then get told by other passengers to “get on with it d***head”

    My heavily pregrant wife now has to come and pick me up to avoid a 45 min walk home in the rain. Disgusting service once more from an awful company.

  52. Comment from Aled Wyn Lewis (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    22.05 no73 from the city centre never turned up. 22.35 ten minutes late. Not just a peak time problem!

    [Ed: Issues with 2205 also reported on 15th & 17th Oct (see earlier comments)]

  53. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre. Departed Linden Drive 7.42am (scheduled 7.36am). Arrived at The Centre 8.38am (scheduled 8.06am).

    [Ed: This is the 7.15am X73 from Cribbs – arriving 32min late.]

  54. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre scheduled to arrive at 0806, actually arrived at penultimate stop CQ at 0839.

  55. Comment from Mike Roberts (on the BSJ Facebook page):

    Waited today for the 7.44am X73 service from parkway. This didn’t arrive until 8.06! In the meantime 3 late or early 73 services turned up – but none matched any timetable.

    [Ed: This is the 7.15am X73 from Cribbs]

  56. In the past 3 weeks, I don’t think one 73/x73 has arrived on time. All too often two 73s and an X73 arrive within a few minutes of each other (0704, Winsbury Way) and, not over the 20 minute gap that should exist.

    Instead of getting the 0644 73 to town, I get the the 0704 X73, normally 0710, and invariably so do many other people causing this to be full, and on several occasions the driver has asked people to get off before the motorway.

    For the past three mornings I have walked to the Willow Brook centre and got the 0650 X74 to town. So far, it is always on time and gets me there by 0730.

    At this point in the journey it is not traffic or congestion, but late departure from Cribbs Causeway.

  57. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre. Departed Linden Drive 7.39am (scheduled 7.36am). Arrived at The Centre 8.37am (scheduled 8.06am).

    [Ed: This is the 7.15am X73 from Cribbs – arriving 31min late.]

  58. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre scheduled to arrive at 0806, actually arrived at penultimate stop CQ at 0838.

  59. We will be sending a summary of the feedback received so far to First later today. If you have a question you would like to put to First, please leave it as a comment on this story, prefixed with the text “Question for First:”

  60. Is this the start of the withdrawal of the 73 services from Bradley Stoke?

    It usually starts with a slippage of times of buses. Along with excuses and a change to the time table. Then its announced some buses on the route aren’t profitable, leading to cuts in service, more it’s not profitable and more cuts. Then a cancellation of the route altogether.

    Call me a cynic but here we go again! !

  61. Question for First:

    1) Why, when your 22.05 bus is late, will it then only go to Bristol Parkway as noted on numerous occasions, than complete its full journey?

    2) Off the back of Q1 – what additional travel suggestions do you suggest to customers to do when the bus will only go to Parkway, and they need to go a lot further than this?

    3) Why, when a customer queries why said bus is late, does the driver think that tutting and then telling the customer its people like him arguing with him, that makes the bus late because we take up more time, an acceptable way to speak to someone who essentially keeps him in work?

    4) Does anyone ever respond to the form your Twitter staff ask us to fill in?

    5) Is the customer service we receive due to how First staff are made to feel by their employers? I can’t help but feel that if they were treated better/had better working conditions, their better mood would translate to the customers.

    6) Are you going to reflect your timetables to be more accurate, given the fact the 7.36 x73 from Linden Drive is late without fail every day.

    First needs to remember that without customers, it wouldnt exist. I think your drivers and those in charge of your Twitter account should remember that.

  62. Questions of Editror/First

    Would Bradley Stoke be better served by a frequent local bus services for Bradley Stoke, Stoke Lodge and Stoke Gifford, with the X services justing stopping at 3/4 stops only, say

    Willow Brook Shopping Centre
    Parkway Station

  63. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre scheduled to arrive at 0806, actually arrived at penultimate stop CQ at 0834.

  64. The 4.50 X73 from Rupert Street didn’t turn up again tonight. It was showing on the First Bus app as being on time but then just disappeared once 1 minute to it arriving had passed.

  65. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre scheduled to arrive at 0806, actually arrived at penultimate stop CQ at 0822. Better today!

  66. I got to the winsbury way stop at 8.50am to catch the 9.05 X73 to the centre. It showed on the display as 12 minutes. It then vanished and over the next 30 mins so did 3 other 73 buses. The 73 that came at 9.25 wasn’t even showing. I l knew if I stayed on this bus I wouldn’t get to work till at least 11 so I got off at parkway and caught a train. Am seriously considering the train now as am totally fed up of being late for work. Am due in at 10am and this X73 is the only bus I have to rely on. This X73 should get to the centre at 9.40 which would be perfect if it was reliable and on time

  67. Again, as usual, the 21:03 73 from Parkway station to Bradley stoke didn’t turn up last night (23/10) and the 21:33 service was late and finally turned up at 21:45, or maybe it was a very late 21:03 service. Previously when I reported this to First they said that due to traffic issues earlier on in the evening some of the drivers had gone over their hours therefore they had been forced to cancel services. However, I would have thought that by 21:00 they would have sorted themselves out and things would be back to “normal”. Although from the discussion ongoing in this forum it seems that late and missing buses is “normal”

  68. Reader comment received via text message:

    X73 to centre scheduled to arrive at 0806, actually arrived at penultimate stop CQ at 0811. Not too bad.

  69. Comment from Michelle Dent (message via BSJ Facebook page):

    4:25 x73 from the Haymarket back to Bradley Stoke has not shown up!

  70. 16:25 X73 service to Cribbs was an utter no show. First cannot keep letting this happen. People depend on the buses turning up on time. I reckon First is a circus and the office is run by clowns.

  71. Yesterday (29/10/14) waited at Baileys Court for bus to Abbey Wood. Neither the 08:21 or 08:36 turned up. 73 eventually showed at 08:55.
    First get a grip. How about refunds for when your buses run late/fail to show.

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