Bradley Stoke Way MetroBus construction work set to start on 2nd September

Roadside sign announcing closure of Woodlands Lane for 18 weeks from 2nd September.

MetroBus construction work on Bradley Stoke Way, which could take up to two-and-a-half-years to complete, looks set to begin on Wednesday 2nd September.

Signs advertising a projected 18-week closure of a short section of Woodlands Lane, close to its junction with Bradley Stoke Way, were modified last Friday to show the revised start date (previously given as 24th August).

Contractors Alun Griffiths have already set up a site compound on an unused section of road by the Aztec West Roundabout. The compound backs onto some properties on Oaktree Crescent, and Griffiths have written to residents to inform them about the compound works.

A spokesperson for the firm told The Journal:

“The traffic management (TM) at Woodlands Lane has been established to enable us to safely and efficiently construct the new junction and approach works. The TM plan shows the short diversion via Pear Tree Road and we shall also be turning off the traffic lights to enable free flow of traffic through the works from Aztec West Roundabout.”

Additional information on the MetroBus Build webpage states:

“Footway diversions will put in place to allow for the new dedicated bus lane at the Aztec West Roundabout approach to Gloucester Road.”

“Traffic management will be in place along Bradley Stoke Way to undertake utility diversions and road widening along Bradley Stoke Way towards Patchway Brook Roundabout [near Aldi].”

Whilst the road closure is in operation, bus services 73 & X73 will divert via Bradley Stoke Way and Pear Tree Road in both directions.

There will be temporary stops posted on Bradley Stoke Way (Orchards Gate) and two stops posted in Pear Tree Road – one outside The Pavilions shopping centre and the other between Ottrells Mead and Cooks Close.

For more information about bus diversions, contact First Customer Services on 0117 244 4040.

Woodlands Lane: Traffic management arrangement for road closure and diversion.

Above: Woodlands Lane traffic management (click to enlarge).

A more detailed map can be viewed here [PDF on Dropbox].

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  1. Having spoken to the contractors today, they say they are hopeful of completing all the work by Christmas 2016, rather than the two-and-a-half years foreseen in the MetroBus planning application.

  2. MetroBus road closures that are due to commence tomorrow (Wed 2nd Sep) will not be put in place until after the evening rush hour (so, from 7pm onwards), says a source at construction firm Alun Griffiths.

  3. Road was closed when I approached from the M5 junction at 4pm. Please look at the road signs for how to use the proper lanes! So many people in the wrong lane blocked up the Aztec West roundabout.

  4. Contractor statement on timing of closure: “The decision was made this morning by the council to instruct us to amend the start of the closure to after the morning peak traffic flow time, in order to gauge how the new light timings and the diversions would work.”

  5. ” in order to gauge how the new light timings and the diversions would work.”

    Very badly.

    At the roundabout the signs say inside left to get to Bradley Stoke, middle and right lanes to get to A38 into town.

    However when you get to the Bradley stoke side you find the lane you are heading to is closed, so must try and force yourself into the next one. Carnage.

    Use of this bus will be low, it will cost a fortune and is going to cause enormous disruption for years.

    When the council elections next happen do not vote for any of the Councillors that supported this white elephant

  6. I hope the council make a better job of the new road widening than they do with their signs.
    As Dom says above, the A38 southbound approach to Aztec West roundabout is very bad leaving two lanes of traffic to merge into one with very little warning.
    The signs along Woodlands Lane proclaim “Road Ahead Closed For Great Stoke Way Follow Diversions”. If they don’t know the road is called Bradley Stoke Way what a jolly good start to the project.

  7. Woodlands Lane has now been closed for a week and so far a few barriers have been stored on the road! What a waste of time. Why can’t the road be closed when work starts? At his rate the 18 weeks will be 28, 38 or what!

    Usual council mess – at one time I thought road ‘improvement’ schemes were left to 15 year old kids on work experience and then I realized they would do a better job than our council employees.

  8. The problem coming into Bradley Stoke from the North (i.e. from the M5) is mainly down to the drivers who are in the wrong lane on the A38. It doesn’t help when the temporary roadworks signs shows one thing (left lane only turns left) yet the road markings have not been painted over so it still shows two lanes turn left.
    The lead into Bradley Stoke way off Aztec West roundabout encourages you to be in the wrong lane as well.

  9. Chris is quite correct. It doesn’t need a genius in physics to go along and paint out the left arrow on the road itself.
    Drivers are either not aware of the single lane or are just the same as they used to be before any work commenced: “I’m going to get in front of YOU even if I have to change lanes.”
    It won’t improve one iota when the work is finished with three lanes off Aztec roundabout, the centre of the three being a dedicated bus lane.

  10. Doesn’t help that they also haven’t done what the original plans showed they were going to do and that is on exit of Aztec West close the left hand lane and also close the left hand lane on the roundabout. Instead they’ve just made the left hand lane for straight across and the right two for turning south down the A38. Only problem with that is the idiots who sit on the box junction and regularly block the left hand lane from moving on green (doesn’t help the box junction isn’t aligned correctly). So exiting Aztec west you’re left with the choice of risking the correct left lane and getting stuck, or going in the pre-roadworks middle lane and hoping you can get in the other side.

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