Bradley Stoke’s street lights to be converted to LED technology

LED street lights: Before and after.

South Gloucestershire Council has announced that Bradley Stoke is to be the next residential area in the district to have its street lights converted to low-emission LED technology, as part of district-wide measures to reduce street lighting-related energy costs and carbon emissions.

LED lights are fast becoming the norm for local authority street lights as they consume about 60 percent less energy than older sodium lights and last four times as long.

The advanced technology in the new lights offers a number of benefits including the ability to dim their output when required, in order to further reduce energy costs.

The new lamps utilise GPS technology in place of photocells, enabling accurate determination of switching times based on sunrise and sunset times derived from geographical location.

The lights are also known to help reduce light pollution by directing their beam more effectively at the ground, cutting down on light ‘overspill’ to the side and above.

Officers from SGC’s StreetCare & Transport department attended September’s meeting of the town council’s Planning & Environment Committee to give an overview of the project, which is due to start in Bradley Stoke in December and last for approximately six months.

Councillors were told that the new lighting is likely to “take time to get used to”, because the overall impression is of there being less light across the whole street scene.

Part-night street lighting, introduced in Bradley Stoke in 2011, will continue, however the new lamps will switch off up an hour later than at present (at 1am, irrespective of the time of year).

It was acknowledged that the work may cause some disruption, so SGC will avoid peak times on main roads. It was also pointed out that some of the works in Bradley Stoke are tied in with the North Fringe to Hengrove Package MetroBus scheme, so may take longer.

Detailed plans for the introduction of LEDs were approved by South Gloucestershire councillors in September 2013. Residents with questions about the new units can find out more at

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  1. What on earth do these new lights do? Shadows every where they are as much use as a Toc H Lamp. Its only in the last two years or so South Glos renewed all the bulbs in the area. Leave the old ones at least we could see the potholes!

  2. GPS deciding when it’s dark, and about 5x the cost of a photocell that will actually see when it’s dark. Crazy world.

    How many years will these take to pay for themselves, if ever?

  3. These lamps are a joke, they have lit my house/garden up very badly, I hate them and feel I now have light pollution in various rooms in the house and the garden is brighter than Tesco carpark on a night and must be a key target for burglars now.

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