Homeowner threatened during early morning burglary in Bradley Stoke

Great Meadow Road, Bradley Stoke.

Police are warning householders in Bradley Stoke to make sure their properties are secure following two burglaries on Great Meadow Road last night (Wednesday 13th/Thursday 14th April), including one in which the homeowner was threatened by an intruder.

The first incident is reported to have taken place just after 4.30am at a property on Great Meadow Road. A male gained access to the property and threatened the homeowner before stealing a number of items. He then left the property.

The second incident also took place on Great Meadow Road, between 10pm yesterday and 5.30am this morning. Here, an unknown offender entered the property and stole a number of items.

The Journal understands that small electronic items, including a laptop, a tablet computer and a smart watch were among the things stolen, along with a wallet and a purse. Some of the items believed to have been stolen were later found discarded in the street, according to one local resident.

Sources locally say there have been several other burglaries in the area over the last few days, but this has not been confirmed by the police.

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said:

“Our investigation is at an early stage but we have conducted house to house enquiries and we would ask anyone with information to contact us now on 101.”

“We would advise all residents to make sure their properties are secure before going to bed – this includes all doors and windows. Make sure you remove all valuable items from sight.”


For more security advice, visit www.avonandsomerset.police.uk

Photo: Great Meadow Road (archive image).

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  1. Couple of weeks ago we had a chap knock on the door Saturday morning. I answered the door and a chap said he had just moved into a house round the corner (he gave me the house number). Could my husband take his van and him to a friend’s house and pick up a bath a friend was giving him to put in the house.
    I said no it’s not our van and shut the door. I came in and called the Police. Whilst waiting for the Police to come I went online and checked the house out. It was up for sale and had a very nice bath already. Then I went for a wander round the road, and the chap was heading towards the Winterborne Road. He asked if I was looking for him and when I said no he was quite hostile. Accused me of following him.

    The Police arrived and I told them where this chap said he lived and the Police said he would go to the house and talk to the then owners.

  2. Its the street lights, the council have put in these white led bulbs that are far to bright, my whole garden is lit up like an xmas tree because of them and I’m now waiting to get burgled or the stuff from garden pinched and as you get to the main road and they have all the main road lights turned out for a great escape.

  3. I’d like to know how the police are warning people, as five houses were burgled in our cul-de-sac the previous week in Ellan Hay Road. No signs put out on the roads or letters thru my door!

  4. Many done in Ellan Hay Road last week. The guy responsible has also been spotted during the day looking into gardens and trying front doors. I have him on cctv. Around 5ft 9-10. Dark curly hair and very scruffy. Has Irish accent and usually wears a grey hoodie with black baggy bottoms. Known to knock on many doors asking for a lift. Often says he’s working just around the corner, or has just broken down and proceeds to ask for a lift. What he is doing is checking you and your property out. I missed him by minutes last Friday morning when he was spotted in Ellan Hay Road just after 9am. Many people have just left for work or dropping kids to school, so lock all doors and windows and leave nothing like keys, phones, laptops etc on display. Many neighbours are now looking for this character. Let’s hope the police pick him up first.

  5. The character I described above is also believed to be scooting around the estate on a scooter. Been seen going in and out of the estate doing quick upturns. No gloves.

  6. Sunday 3.45 pm.
    Husband just been told another burglary occurred through the night Saturday into Sunday up at Breeches Gate. When will it stop? When the locals take matters into their own hands and lay in wait for the perp!

    “A man was arrested on the 19th April 2016 in relation to burglaries that occurred in Stoke Gifford in the early hours of the morning. The male has been charged with burglary offences and is also being questioned in relation to the recent spate of burglaries in Bradley Stoke.”
    Read this story on the police website: http://bit.ly/1Su8jPu

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