MetroBus contractors bring in weekend working

Posted on Friday 4th November 2016 at 11:56 pm by SH (Editor)

MetroBus roadworks on Bradley Stoke Way.

MetroBus contractors Alun Griffiths have announced their intention to begin weekend working on a critical section of Bradley Stoke Way.

In a letter sent to residents living in the immediate vicinity of the work area, a Griffiths spokesperson writes:

“Having received the relevant permission from the local authority to work weekends and as a consequence of reduced natural daylight following the clocks going back, we will be utilising the weekends from now until Christmas for additional work.”

“This will ONLY be in the works area between the Aztec West and Patchway Brook roundabouts and ONLY between the hours of 8am to 5pm. This shall enable us to make greater progress in this area.”

“Apologies for any disruption caused throughout this period and thank you in advance for your continued patience, cooperation and assistance.”

The discovery of a series of unchartered gas and water mains has hindered work in this section of the North  Fringe to Hengrove MetroBus route. In a report in the November issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine (out 5th/6th Nov) Griffiths reiterate that they are aiming to have the Woodlands Lane junction fully reopened by Christmas, although they are now warning that this is “dependent on signalisation work being completed by South Gloucestershire Council”.

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6 Responses to “MetroBus contractors bring in weekend working”

  1. Michael Walker Says:

    So who is expected to ultimately fund the additional working pattern when the budget is already blown. Well it won’t be the counci as suggested it will be the tax payer. Not only will they have to stump up more funding but I will be one of those that will not benefit as I won’t be using it due to the high usage costs. Now if the additional funding comes direct from increased fares and the users are prepared to pay for this then I will be happy.

  2. Shaun Says:

    The utility companies who “negligently” “lost” track of their own pipes should be made to pay!

  3. Simon Says:

    Totally agree Shaun although I fear they’ll wriggle out of it somehow.

  4. Mike Says:

    Agree with Shaun and Simon but still think the tax payer will end up footing the bill like we always do.

    Just grates with me that it’s costing so much money in the first place for a few extra bus stops, red bus lane paint and a bit of road made little wider now and again. Yes I know new roads are being built but these would have been built anyway to support the expansion in housing. To cap it all the new promised eco friendly buses are not going to make an appearance so older/current stock is going to be used instead.

    Still nice to see the speed limit on the M32 will become 30mph throughout …I hink this might be called progress (?)

  5. graham Says:

    Ultimately it will fail and the good thing then will be that the metrobus lanes can be used to make the traffic flow better in Bradley Stoke.

  6. Moe Says:

    Seven-day working should have introduced many months ago, however, things begin to look better at Aztec West roundabout now that diversion of the gas mains have been completed and the area handed back to Griffiths’ workmen.

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