Five-way traffic lights to be used for final phase of Bradley Stoke Way resurfacing

Overnight resurfacing work on Bradley Stoke Way, as part of the MetroBus project.

MetroBus contractors Alun Griffiths have confirmed plans to complete the resurfacing of Bradley Stoke Way over the first two nights of this week, which will involve the use of five-way traffic lights around Patchway Brook Roundabout (near Aldi).

It is anticipated that traffic control will be active from 8pm each night.

A Griffiths spokesperson said:

“Having now concluded the night-time surfacing along Bradley Stoke Way between the Aztec West and Patchway Brook roundabouts, we shall, over two nights, Monday and Tuesday 13th/14th February, surface the remaining section of Bradley Stoke Way immediately east of Patchway Brook Roundabout. This is approximately a 40-metre stretch. We shall be completing this at night from 8pm until 5am (or sooner) using five-way temporary traffic lights around Patchway Brook Roundabout.”

The aim is to complete one lane on Monday night and the other on Tuesday night.

The spokesperson added:

“We look forward to the commissioning of the main traffic lights at both the Woodlands Lane junction and Orchard Gate by South Gloucestershire Council before the junctions can be made fully functional within our programme before the end of this month.”

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N.B. Any further updates received from the contractors will be appended as comments on this post.

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  1. Hi – has the overnight resurfacing work finally been finished? I haven’t seen an update and really hope it is now complete.

    I’m looking forward to cycling on a smooth, wide, car free bus lane that has no metro buses on it 🙂

  2. @Stephen, My understanding is that the final overnight road/lane closure was the one on Tuesday (14th February).

    However, note the following (from an Alun Griffiths spokesperson):

    “Over the next few weeks there will be further traffic management at off-peak times as further signage has to be installed in the area and after at least three weeks the anti-skid surface in the area of the lights installed. In addition a landscaping programme into the spring may also mean some traffic management at times.”

  3. Ok thanks for the updates. I guess I really wanted to know if there are more night time works planned? It causes quite a bit of noise pollution to those living/sleeping nearby.

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