[Letter] UKIP’s Ben Walker: Why I am not standing in GE2017

Ben Walker (UKIP).After a huge amount of deliberation, I have decided not to stand in the upcoming snap general election on 8th June.

I campaigned tirelessly along with other local branch members to ensure we obtained a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU and once we got it, we worked even harder to win it.

Given that the previous member of parliament for Filton & Bradley Stoke eventually came out in support of Brexit and voted to leave, helping to campaign in the latter stages of the referendum campaign, it would be wrong of me to stand in this election and potentially affect the result knowing that he has now given his commitment to Brexit.

In no way do I support the Conservatives nor do I support our MP and his record in government, however, I must entrust my commitment to Brexit with him, putting aside party politics and personal differences in the interests of the UK and its bright future outside of the EU, an ever closer political union and a federal superstate.

I hope, if elected, he plays his part to ensure Brexit is delivered by the government. If not, or if Brexit becomes something it was never meant to be, I will be waiting to remind the electorate of his and his party’s failure to deliver on a promise.

Ben Walker
UKIP Candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke

This letter originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine (on page 30). The magazine is delivered FREE, EVERY MONTH, to 9,500 homes in Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke and Stoke Lodge. Phone 01454 300 400 to enquire about advertising or leaflet insertion.

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