Local estate agents Ocean step in to support Meadowbrook Primary’s sports teams

Meadowbrook Primary School's football team, sponsored by Ocean.

Local estate agents Ocean say they are very happy to have been given the opportunity to support some of the sports teams at Bradley Stoke’s Meadowbrook Primary School this year. They’re hoping the football team enjoy their new strip and the netball team their polo shirts.

Ocean say they are also pleased to have been able to source the new kit from a local supplier, Linela Embroidery in Olveston, who ensured that the embroidered school emblem on the shirts was “just right”. The response from the children and teachers confirms they did a great job, with everyone saying they are delighted with the new kit.

Stefano Missiato, Ocean Bradley Stoke sales manager said he has been very pleased to see the new strips at Meadowbrook. He’s been working in Bradley Stoke for over ten years now and knows just how important it is to ensure the local community’s schools are supported as much as possible.

“Let’s hope the new kit brings good luck, wins follow, and fun is had by all,” he added

Meadowbrook Primary School's netball team, sponsored by Ocean.

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