MetroBus construction report for October

Photo of Anti-skid surfacing being applied at the junction of Bradley Stoke Way and Great Stoke Roundabout.

An update compiled by the Journal with the assistance of the West of England Councils’ MetroBus team.

South of Patchway Brook

The new northbound bus lane was fully opened during the second week of October, following the completion of the final piece of work to install a pollution control chamber in the verge, close to Primrose Bridge.

Traffic cones remain along the boundary of the on-road cycle lane on the southbound side, for the safety of workers who have been rectifying minor defects in the kerbing.

Great Stoke Roundabout

Carriageway works associated with the construction of the new southbound bus lane on Bradley Stoke Way were completed during the first week of October. Work on the footways in this area was completed in mid-October and was followed soon after by the installation of street lighting columns in the verges.

The final anti-skid road surfacing in this area remains to be completed (a 28-day settling period must be observed following the main surfacing) and this was due to be carried out as we went to press (week commencing 30th October).

All work by Alun Griffiths on Bradley Stoke Way is due to be completed by mid-November. This will be followed by a 12-month defect-fixing period during which any issues will be dealt with as they arise.

MetroBus shelters

There is one remaining MetroBus shelter to be installed, on the northbound side of Bradley Stoke Way, just prior to Great Meadow Roundabout. This is scheduled for installation during the final week of November.

Work to “seal” the new MetroBus shelters, making them fully waterproof, has recently been started by Clearchannel, the firm responsible for installing the shelters.

Stoke Gifford By-Pass

Whilst the new road may appear more or less completed when viewed from either end (Parkway North Roundabout and the A4174 Ring Road), a MetroBus spokesperson has told the Journal that a number of significant tasks remain to be completed before the it can be opened.

The bridge over Ham Brook was completed during the third week in October and Alun Griffiths has started to lay the road surface over the bridge and tie it in with the rest of the road that they have built. Once this has been completed, final landscaping will take place.

In the coming weeks, Western Power Distribution will undertake work to provide metered power supplies to work the traffic signals at the Hambrook Lane and A4174 junctions, South Gloucestershire Council’s signals team will then install the signals along with the induction loops in the road that alert the signals to oncoming traffic.

In the vicinity of the new bridge over the main railway line, near Kings Drive, Bristol Water need to install two lengths of pipework through ducts in the bridge platform and connect these into the existing main on Curtis Lane.

Once all the above tasks are completed, the road will undergo a safety audit. Subject to passing the audit, the road will be then be opened to general traffic. This is now likely to be in “late December or early January”.

Start of MetroBus services

Asked by the Journal when MetroBus services are likely to start running through Bradley Stoke and along the new Stoke Gifford By-Pass, a MetroBus spokesperson said: “There is still no news to report regarding the operator of the Cribbs Causeway to Hengrove route or when services are likely to start.”

Photo: Anti-skid surfacing is applied at the junction of Bradley Stoke Way and Great Stoke Roundabout

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  1. Re your latest update on metrobus. There are two bus stops at back of access to Parkway thst seem unfinished with no shelters, they have paving on floor. Is metrobus no longer going into Parkway station??? If not how stupid and poorly designed a transport system….if anyone actually decides to operate it! Love to hear what you can find out and advise.

  2. @Patrick Griffin: The stops at Parkway North are on the route of the Emersons Green to Parkway Station MetroBus route.

    See route map in this previous article: BBC: “MetroBus services may need subsidy”

    SGC has stated that MetroBus services on the Emersons Green to Parkway Station MetroBus route will not start until the Bromley Heath Viaduct repair works are finished.

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