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Councillors raise concerns over developer’s plan for 2,000 homes at Woodlands Golf Course

Posted on Sunday 26th August 2018 at 7:30 pm by SH (Editor)

Map showing the site of the proposed Woodlands Garden Village.

Local Conservative councillors John Ashe and Roger Avenin are raising awareness of a land development company’s continued efforts to have the Woodlands Golf Course site included in a crucial strategic planning document, potentially opening the way for 2,000 new homes to be built at this location.

One of the purposes of the West of England Councils’ Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) is to identify so-called strategic development locations (SDLs) which have the potential to deliver a significant contribution to the number of new homes assessed to be required across the region in the period up to 2036.

Formulation of the JSP began in 2015 and it went through three rounds of public consultation prior to being submitted to the secretary of state for housing,communities and local government on 13th April 2018. The next stage in the process will be for the government to review the plan through an ‘Examination in Public’, which is expected to take place in autumn 2018.

The Woodlands Golf Course site appeared as a potential ‘urban extension’ SDL in the first draft of the JSP published in November 2015 (under the generic title of ‘land north of M4/M5’). However, by the time the second draft was published in November 2016 it had been removed from the maps and was mentioned only in a section headed ‘Locations considered and not put forward for inclusion in the emerging spatial strategy’. There is then no mention of the site in the final ‘publication document’ version of the JSP recently submitted to the secretary of state.

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McDonald’s objectors could be denied right to attend site meeting

Posted on Friday 29th June 2018 at 8:18 am by SH (Editor)

Starbucks and McDonald's are set to come to the Willow Brook Centre.

Residents living near the Willow Brook Centre who have raised objections to a planning application for two new drive-through food and drink units at the site could be denied the right to attend and ask questions at a site meeting of the council committee that is likely to be tasked with determining the case.

Site inspection meetings, which give councillors a chance to visit the area of a proposed development and listen to the views of those for and against, are currently open to the public, but plans recently put forward by the Conservative-led administration at South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) would see them become closed meetings.

The change is part of a raft of proposed measures intended to modernise the planning system and help the council defend its decision making against potentially costly appeals.

The reforms were due to be discussed at SGC’s annual general meeting on 16th May, but the agenda item was dropped at the last minute following outcries from the opposition parties, who described the proposals as “a body blow to local residents’ rights” and accused the Tories of operating a “culture of concealment” by publishing the proposals without prior consultation.

The proposals will now be brought to SGC’s Full Council meeting in July, following “engagement with opposition councillors in a spirit of openness and cooperation”.

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SGC gears up to improve Rabbit Roundabout

Posted on Wednesday 30th May 2018 at 9:07 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Great Stoke Roundabout (a.k.a Rabbit Roundabout).

With the jury still out on whether South Gloucestershire Council’s (SGC’s) recent £4.2m scheme to improve the Aztec West Roundabout and A38 has actually made matters worse, the council is already at the early planning stage of its next major roundabout improvement scheme, this time at the other end of Bradley Stoke Way.

The new scheme is intended to increase capacity at Great Stoke Roundabout (a.k.a. Rabbit Roundabout) as part of a package of investments to support the Filton Enterprise Area and the Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood (CPNN).

An initial £550k of funding was allocated to the project last November by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), for the purpose of developing a business case. A report submitted ahead of that funding award stated that the project is expected to cost a total of £4.7m, including development and construction costs.

Topographical and ground penetrating radar surveys were due to be carried out around Great Stoke Roundabout as we went to press.

A council spokesperson explained:

“The project will be designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve journey times and reliability (for cars as well as for MetroBus and other bus services). By reducing journey times we will reduce emissions. We also hope to make improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.”

“We have allocated £550k to the feasibility assessments and pre-construction planning, which is expected to take place by spring 2020. At the end of these processes we will be able to calculate the full project cost and the council will seek funding for the later phases and construction of the project through grants.”

“Public consultation on the project will begin in August 2018, with project completion expected in the winter of 2022.”

Further details revealed in the WECA report are that the resultant reconfigured roundabout is likely to be a three-lane circulatory system, including a segregated left-turn slip from Winterbourne Road east and three-lane entry from Winterbourne Road west.

The report notes that any proposed construction start date will be “subject to the ability to occupy the network, depending on other programmed works” such as the Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension and Gipsy Patch Lane railway bridge replacement (currently scheduled to start in October 2019).

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Town council objects to Willow Brook Centre’s “McDonald’s & Starbucks” planning application

Posted on Monday 14th May 2018 at 10:14 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of the committee meeting in progress.

The Willow Book Centre’s plans to expand its tenant base through the addition of two new drive-through food and drink units (foreseen to be occupied by McDonald’s and Starbucks) and two new retail units have received a setback after a Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC) committee voted to raise an objection to the formal planning application, submitted on 26th March.

The town council’s views will now be sent for consideration by planning officers at South Gloucestershire Council (SGC), which is the body charged with determining the application.

Full planning permission is being sought for the food and drink units (phase 1) but only outline permission for the retail units (phase 2), meaning that a further ‘reserved matters’ planning application will be needed in due course for the latter.

A decision on the application is likely to still be several months away, due to the size of the proposed development and the fact that a number of statutory consultees have also raised concerns which will need to be considered by planning officers and discussed with the applicant.

Meeting on 25th April at the Jubilee Centre, in the presence of around 15 members of the public, BSTC’s Planning & Environment Committee listened to the views of local residents for around 30 minutes before examining a small subset of the 50+ documents that form the application.

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