Willow Brook Centre electric vehicle chargers approved at third attempt

Image showing a row of four electric vehicle chargers.
Kempower electric vehicle charging units with Osprey branding.

An array of 16 ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers looks set to be installed soon at the Willow Brook shopping centre in Bradley Stoke, more than five months after a planning application for the facility was first submitted.

As previously reported, operator Osprey Charging Network submitted a ‘full’ planning application for the development in November 2022.

The plans showed the 16 charging points plus an associated electrical substation grouped together on the eastern edge of the car park, along the boundary to Bradley Stoke Way, close to the new McDonald’s restaurant.

This initial planning application was approved by South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) on 9th January 2023.

Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Care, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

However, a second ‘non-material amendment’ (NMA) planning application appeared in February requesting approval of a design change that would see the substation moved from its originally planned location to “a new location further south”. This was said to be needed to “improve the access to the substation, by bringing it closer to the southern access road”.

The NMA application was however refused by SGC on the grounds that moving the substation had the effect of modifying the ‘red line site boundary’ (footprint) of the proposed development, meaning that it constituted a ‘material amendment’. The applicant was therefore informed that a new ‘full’ planning application would have to be made.


The second ‘full’ planning application was duly submitted on 17th February 2023 and this was subsequently approved on 6th April 2023, clearing the way for the development to proceed.

Location plan.
Proposed installation of 16 EV chargers in the car park of the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke.

The installation site currently accommodates 24 car parking spaces, so the development will result in an overall loss of eight spaces at the shopping centre.

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Two more chargers planned

Elsewhere, a planning application from another operator, InstaVolt, to install two rapid electric vehicle chargers within the public car park at Bradley Pavilions, Pear Tree Road (near Tesco Express), has had a considerably smoother passage, being approved by SGC within just five weeks.

Site plan.
Proposed installation of two EV chargers in the public car park at Bradley Pavilions, Bradley Stoke.

At this site, two existing parking spaces will become EV charging bays.

The approved plans show that one existing tree will be removed from the verge to allow for the installation of the charging equipment.

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Installation under way

UPDATE added 22nd November 2023.

Photo of a fence-off area within a shopping centre car park.
Installation of an array of 16 ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers gets under way at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, in November 2023.

Contractors working for Osprey have this week begun installation of the 16 ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers at the Willow Brook Centre.

Facility now open

UPDATE added 4th March 2024.

Photo of a bank of EV chargers.
Newly installed Osprey EV chargers at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, Bristol (February 2024).

Installation of the bank of 16 Osprey EV chargers was completed towards the end of February 2024 and the facility is now available for use by motorists.

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