Diagram showing the average volume of black bin waste in a 240 litre bin and the same waste in a 140 litre bin. (South Gloucestershire Council, 2015).

Local events to explain proposed changes to waste collection service

Bradley Stoke residents have two further opportunities in the coming days to hear more about proposed changes to South Gloucestershire Council’s waste collection service that could see a significant reduction in the size of the black ‘residual waste’ bin provided to households. In an effort to reduce waste, increase recycling rates and make further savings of £1 million per annum

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Local candidates announced for South Glos district elections

Candidates for the South Gloucestershire district elections, which take place on the same day as the general election (Thursday 7th May), have been officially announced. Perhaps the most intriguing contest in the local wards will be in Bradley Stoke North (1 seat), where the incumbent, Ben Walker, elected in 2011 on a Conservative ticket, defends his seat after an acrimonious defection to

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South Gloucestershire Council.

Bradley Stoke woman prosecuted for selling counterfeit luxury goods

South Gloucestershire Council successfully prosecuted a Bradley Stoke woman for possessing and selling counterfeit luxury goods and cosmetics at Northavon Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 19th February. Rebecca Farr, 34, of Brake Close was convicted of possessing and selling counterfeit luxury goods and cosmetics online via Facebook. Farr pleaded guilty to a total of 15 charges under the Trade Marks Act

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Tory protest outside the Stoke Gifford Sort It! Centre.

Concern over increased traffic at Sort It! centre as “bin tax” comes into force

Conservative campaigners have protested outside the Stoke Gifford Sort It! centre, claiming that South Gloucestershire Council’s new charge for the collection of garden waste, which comes into effect today, will lead to “traffic chaos” around local recycling centres. With an opt-in charge of £36 p.a. for the green bin garden waste collection service now in force, council officers are expecting

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