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Huge growth for local Facebook group that supports families in need

Posted on Thursday 21st November 2019 at 9:44 pm by SH (Editor)

Cover image of the Mama’s Swaps & Freebies Bristol group on Facebook.

A Facebook group started by a local mum that allows people to make unwanted items available free of charge to families in need has grown its membership to more than 5,000 in less than two years.

The Mama’s Swaps & Freebies Bristol group was launched 18 months ago by Patchway resident Paige Josham with the intention of allowing a small group of her friends to give away or swap items such as clothing, toys and pushchairs.

Members of the group can advertise unwanted items which they are happy to give away for free. The items generally need to be collected, but in some cases (e.g. where the recipient is in great need and has no transport) the person offering or another group member may be able to deliver locally without charge, or for the cost of fuel only.

Attracting members from across Bristol and South Gloucestershire, the group soon became so popular that Paige found it necessary to bring in a team of friends and acquaintances to help run the group and she has been joined in the task by Kelsey Lee Booy, Amy Jane Bland and Daisy Louise Till.

The ethos of the group is that it exists to help anyone, regardless of background or situation, as Kelsey explained:

“We have gone on to help the homeless, parents in emergency refuge or fleeing domestic violence, single parents and working class families, as well as families that could be perceived as ‘comfortable’”

One member, Natalia, when asked about the group said:

“Babies grow so quickly and need so many things for such a short time. This group reduces the amount of plastic and clothing ending up in landfills! I have had perfect condition toys and clothing from the wonderful ladies here that would otherwise have gone in the rubbish, whilst I would have bought them new and then added my lot to the dump, too. I also love knowing that things I’m done with will be loved by others, whilst not having the guilt that they’ll be thrown out straight away. This group helps us protect the environment for our little ones, whilst growing and strengthening our local community.”

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