‘Speed matching’ event could set you up on a volunteering date

Volunteer 'speed matching' event at the Aztec Hotel, Bristol.

A local Volunteer Centre and Southern Brooks Community Partnership are holding a volunteer “speed matching” event this Monday (15th October) at the Aztec Hotel.

The event, which runs from 6pm to 8pm, is designed to help local people find out how their professional skills could benefit local organisations.

Corrina Buchanan of the Patchway, Filton & The Stokes Volunteer Centre explains the concept:

What is speed matching?

Speed matching is a fun, informal event, based on the concept of speed dating, which connects not-for-profit organisations with volunteers. Find out how your skills could benefit a charitable organisation!

How does it work?

We will have 15-20 charitable organisations arranged in a circle around the room. You will have four minutes with each organisation to discover the volunteering opportunities they have and discuss whether they are right for you. After four minutes, a bell will ring signalling time to move on to the next organisation. Once you have completed a circuit of the room, you will have the opportunity to sign up to your favourite organisations and ask them any last minute questions!

What sort of opportunities can I expect to find?

We will have a variety of opportunities available including befriending, conservation, youth work, fundraising and group volunteering.

Can I bring my friends/family/colleagues?

Absolutely – you will be able to go round the room in small groups of about 2-4.

Is there any obligation to sign up at the end?

Not at all! If you find that you need some further guidance into volunteering, pop into the Volunteer Centre at the Patchway Locality Hub, Rodway Road, Patchway or attend one of our drop-in sessions.

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  1. Corrina Buchanan writes on the Southern Brooks Community Partnership website:

    “A huge thank you to everyone who attended the event yesterday. It was a great success, I hope you all went away feeling positive.”

    “It was the first time we have run the event and I’m sure we will be doing it again in a few months time as the feedback was really good. We welcome any comments of course, there was a suggestion to do a similar thing over the lunch period to catch the work force. Please do share your thoughts.”

    “Sorry to those who weren’t able to make it. I hope the photos give you a flavour of the event and inspire you for next time.”

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