Police seek information following daylight robbery in Stanshaws Close

Police car.

A masked and hooded mugger robbed a man of a mobile phone and gold ring at knifepoint in Stanshaws Close, Bradley Stoke earlier this week, reports the Bristol Post.

Police say the 29-year-old victim was talking on his mobile phone when he became aware of someone behind him.

When he looked round he saw a man who threatened him with a knife and demanded his phone, his wallet and his jewellery.

The robbery happened at around 1:15pm on Monday (8th October).

Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 101.

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  1. Very concerned that this has not been made public earlier. I am a local childminder and resident who regularly walks with children across Stanshaws and also walk my dog to the local common adjacent to Stanshaws. There is also a pre-school very close to this road. Whilst i appreciate this could happen anywhere, i am very uneasy that this has occured so close to home. I have been there several times this week but will not be at ease walking this area now.

  2. Also just found out there was another mugging today at the end of Wheatfield Drive, by Winsbury Way! – Be aware when out walking

  3. If such things happen during the broad day light, that only shows how confident the muggers are that they can easily escape.

    How safe it is when we walk around with our kids during evening times? Who can answer?

  4. Not safe at all. My son was followed up the lane leading from Stanshawes last Wednesday (24th Oct) evening on his way home from work. The male person changed direction to follow him and hurried his pace. My son called me and i opened the door for him and the man stood staring at our house from about 100 yards away. Police were informed and they took a statement from my son. Result?……My 17 year old son no longer walks home from work and depends on lifts from his employers or us, his parents. Disgusting we should live like this. Even more worrying that he knows where we live. 🙁

  5. I live in Stanshaws close and I am very concerned about what has happend and only finding out about it when reading this forum. I don’t drive and walk to and from work. I will be taking extra care from now on!

  6. Its shocking to hear news like this..and that an incident had happened during broad daylight. How safe are we to walk around in that area? Can police take any action against this?