Virgin Media network continues to grow

Installation of a new Virgin Media street cabinet on Brook Way, Bradley Stoke, near the Cross Tree Grove junction.

Expansion of the Virgin Media cable network in Bradley Stoke has continued over the past few months, with pavements being dug up and new street cabinets installed in Wheatfield Drive and Dewfalls Drive.

Work in the ‘herbs’ area of south Bradley Stoke appears to be drawing to a close, while the final electrical connections appear to be being made to new street cabinets on Brook Way that will serve Oaktree Crescent and Stanshaws Close.

Information available on the website suggests that Kemperleye Way will be the next area to be visited by the contractors and their diggers.

Virgin Media is yet to officially confirm that any work is taking place in Bradley Stoke or when the system will start to go live.

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POSTSCRIPT (21st January 2016):

A Virgin Media promotional trailer has been stationed in the town square in the Willow Brook Centre for the last few weeks. Staff working at the trailer have confirmed that Virgin’s services can now be ordered in the following (newly-cabled) streets: Juniper Way, Coriander Drive, Orchard Gate, Oaktree Crescent, Stanshaws Close, Cornfield Close, Courtlands, Tarragon Place, Fennel Drive, Marjoram Place, Lavender Way, Rosemary Close and (parts of) Palmers Leaze.

The Journal understands that the promotional trailer will at the Willow Brook Centre until Friday 22nd January 2016. Orders can be placed online or by phone at any time.

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  1. now doesn’t seem to show any planned roadworks on Somerby close/Kemperley Way; have they abandoned plans in these road ? if so will be really disappointed as we have an EO line to Filton ? Any one has a clue ?

  2. Just been cabling The Beeches this week. Tuesday they cut through a power cable cutting off power for an to the street. Then on Wednesday stuck a digger on our front garden and taken the grass with it.
    Virgin don’t seemed bothered and had a reply from them.

  3. Make sure your cars are not near the works being done, as they may get covered in dust and the company will not care and call you a liar when you contact them, if this is a sign of their future customer service, don’t think I will bother with their services….

  4. @Rajesh. seems to have done an update and all the works have gone, however placed an order with Virgin (via the trailer @ Tesco) on the 08/01/16 for Shiels Drive (5.5km EO Line), and they confirmed that it was being done and quoted “March/April” for possible installation.
    They seem to be making more progress then the Councils “Phase 2 Rollout” of any super-fast internet which still seems to exclude those on EO lines.
    Can’t wait to terminate Sky ADSL and get a 21st century internet connection.

  5. I’m wondering if anyone has an install completed yet. I’ve seen one in Coriander Drive that covers the distance between the access panel at the edge of the pavement and the edge of the property through the use of a plastic green flexible conduit which appears to have been cable tied to fixings tacked into the tarmac driveway.

    I’d hope that is just a quick temporary install but I’m just intrigued what may have been said to people. (I did see one other partially completed install; cable in a coil next to house with the same green conduit. This has since disappeared and no install seems to have been completed.)

  6. Well after suffered their “customer service” for the last week trying to sort out the damage they have caused. I certainly wouldn’t be giving them any of my money. They have got to be the worst company I have dealt with, even worse than npower.
    A week and 4 hours worth of calls and still no sorry of response from them.

  7. With anything on the scale of this there will always be some minor problems. The guys in the herbs were superb even using Land Registry maps so they didn’t trespass on my land. Always moved when I needed to get out. As for dealing with the company, these days it always seems the same talk to an automated system and no-one really gives a flying fig for customer service. I’m waiting until I see how my neighbours get on before I decide whether to leave EE my current provider when their 2 year deal ends later this year. Can anyone who has this in tell me whether the speeds advertised are accurate?

  8. Iain, surely it’s McNicholas you should be chasing up? They’ve been dealing with the network consturction on behalf of virgin media.. So i’m not suprised if you got no where with Customer Service.

    Virgin media for me has been brilliant! The speeds are what they’ve said! Even managed to get 192mpbs at one point, peak times however is around 110 – 120mbps.

    The only issue with Virgin Media i had was that they didn’t swap my number over from BT meaning i was still active with BT for BT Infinty. But after a talk from customer service Virgin Media they agreed to refund the costs.

    I found BT the worse company to deal with, nothing but issues… Now with BT buying EE i’m glad Virgin Media is now active in our area.

  9. Likewise, we had a at and they only managed to last a month. The customer care people we spoke to we worse than useless. In the end we box everything up and sent it back to them – they were shocking

  10. Having a Filton EO lone with speeds of up to 1.5Mb and being left out in the cold by both SGC and our local MP …. I woke up to the sight of Virgin digging up Shiels Drive… Did I win the jackpot .. No is the simple answer… When Virgin failed to come down my element of Shiels Drive had a word with the man digging the hole just to be told that I live on a private road so they will need special permit… And may be done sometime this year…Contacting SGC they say different fully adopted road since the 1990’s so Virgin are using data that’s over 15 years out of date.
    Yet they are willing to accept my order at the recent Sales Pitch in Bradley Stoke Centre…. You have been warned.

  11. The Saga continues… just spoken to Virgin Media CEO Office and due to their error in failing to get the correct information from SGC… they are now saying they will not be installing Fibre in the remains of Shiels Drive (less that 100yards of pipe to lay) and there are no plans currently in the planning stage either …. yet again Filton EO Users are left out in the cold…. so much for Virgins Customer Service. Will try and take it up with Jack Lopresti MP assuming I can get an appointment…. which is not always the case.

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