Councillors pass comment on town centre road sign proposals

Road Sign on Savages Wood RoadRoad Sign on Bradley Stoke WayRoad Sign on Bradley Stoke Way

Town Councillors in Bradley Stoke have been discussing options for upgrading direction signs on roads leading to the town centre.

The discussion was prompted by a request made to South Gloucestershire Council by the Willow Brook Centre, which wants to see the signs rationalised.

At present, visitors looking for the centre face a confusing variety of descriptions on the town’s road signs with “Town Centre”, “District Centre”, “Superstore” and “New Shopping Centre” all appearing on signs within a quarter of a mile of the centre.

The Journal even found a sign (on Bradley Stoke Way) directing delivery lorries to “Service Area A”, which no longer exists, having been demolished during the early stages of the town centre redevelopment over two years ago.

Councillors were unanimous in agreeing that the dated “District Centre” label should be dropped but were keen that “Town Centre” should be used in addition to any “Willow Brook” phrase.

Some Councillors said they would prefer “Bradley Stoke Town Centre” rather than the less specific “Town Centre”.

The centre management’s suggestion of “Willow Brook Shopping Centre” was questioned by Cllr Robert Jones, who pointed out that the town centre is “not just a shopping centre” – highlighting services such as the new NHS dentist and the Town Square, where community events are sometimes staged.

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  1. Great news.

    I’m very glad to see a news item about the town council that I fully agree with (they’ve been very thin on the ground for the last year or two). Making the signs make sense but keeping the “Town Centre” naming would be great.

    That said, I don’t know I one really needs to prefix if with “Bradley Stoke” do we?

  2. I can see this being one of those debates over semantics that runs and runs…
    For my 2p worth, I agree with Daniel that using “Bradley Stoke” in signing within Bradley Stoke is superfluous, but I’m not sure that “Town Centre” necessarily conveys what it needs to, especially as its not a town centre in the traditional sense. When businesses at the centre advertise, they are likely to use “Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke”. To this end, I kind of concur with the centre, in that it makes sense to direct visitors to “Willow Brook Centre”.
    I know that councillors would like to cling to some notion that Bradley Stoke has some high street and a village green with a little parish church, but it doesn’t. If you’re going to spend money changing signage, do it pragmatcially.

  3. The report states the Willow Brook Centre wants to see the signs changed.

    I trust they, as a private enterprise who will be the sole beneficiary, are going to be footing the bill for this and the council have informed them there will be a price attached to the change and that it won’t be the tax payers they represent who will have to foot the bill?

  4. Bert says “it’s not a town centre in the traditional sense” – is it a town centre in ANY sense? It’s a giant Tesco with some tat shops and fast food attached. Anyway, no matter.

    I agree with Anon-e-mouse on the more serious issue.

  5. It may just be a shopping centre, but I still like the idea of the signs being changed to “Town Centre”. Indeed, I’d even be happy with “Bradley Stoke Town Centre”.
    Adding the Bradley Stoke can be helpful. Often, as a stranger to other towns, I often find that I see the words Town Centre and wonder which town it’s talking about. Have I travelled into the next town yet?

    As for Willow Brook, let’s be honest, it isn’t a Blue Water or a Metro Centre. It’s not even a Cribbs. Willow Brook is just a label and writing it on road signs really helps nobody.

    I suspect the area is still lacking elements that a town deserves, such as a bank and a post office before people will truly accept it as a town centre. Still a KFC and a betting shop is a start.

    Oh, just to add, I totally agree with Daniel’s point. Great to see the council discussing something I can approve of.

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