Toby charms the media crews

Toby Cox, the young cerebral palsy sufferer from Bradley Stoke who travelled to the USA for an operation to help him walk unaided, has become something of a local celebrity this week – featuring in the Bristol Evening Post (BEP) and on ITV’s The West Country Tonight news programme.

Writing on the ‘helptobywalk’ blog, Toby’s Mum Donna said:

“I was completely stressed out, not knowing how Toby was going to be, would he play up? Would he comply and do as he is told? It is really quite difficult explaining to him that people really want to see how he is doing.”

“Anyway, the interviews went really well, they got lots of great footage and pictures, in fact we had a first today. Out in the garden, for the first time in his life, he walked unaided on grass! I was crying, the newspaper reporter was choked up.”

“Toby just took it in his stride! This might not seem like a big achievement to some, but to us it was utterly amazing.”

You can see the resultant articles and video clips here:

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