More misery for motorists as A38 roadworks overrun

A38 Gloucester Road bus lane roadworks

Roadworks on the A38 Gloucester Road (south of the Aztec West Roundabout) that were due be completed by the end of October could disrupt traffic for a further month, according to South Gloucestershire Council (SGC).

The work to install a new northbound bus lane on the approach to the roundabout began in April and was scheduled to be completed by Friday 29th October but the first week of November saw major disruption as the A38 was reduced at times to a single lane of traffic.

An SGC spokesman told The Journal:

“The roadworks at the Bradley Stoke Way roundabout associated with the installation of a new bus lane on the A38 between Hempton Lane and Aztec West have overrun due a number of engineering issues. These include the installation of an additional pedestrian guardrail, some issues with drainage on the site which require additional drainage measures to be installed, and difficulties with the installation of street lighting columns due to the amount of public utilities under the highway, which caused a delay to the surfacing programme.”

He added:

“The estimated completion date for these works will be late November, early December. The council appreciates the patience of road users delayed by the overrun and looks forward to the improved transport provision that these works will bring upon their completion.”

The new bus lane is part of the Greater Bristol Bus Network (GBBN) project, a £70 million scheme to improve bus services on ten key routes throughout the region.

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  1. I wonder how many buses will actually use this bus lane when it eventually opens?

    2 lanes of solid traffic at peak times and an empty lane alongside them – what a colossal waste of money.

  2. Well said anon-e-mouse!!

    It’s the wrong idea in the wrong place – yet again the council ignored objections from the people affected and ploughed on with anyway!

    Just the same as the new park and ride by parkway….next to…Oh that’s right another park and ride!!!

    I really appreciate seeing our money wasted on stuff like this!!!

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