Missing cat in Stoke Gifford (Beaufort Crescent)

Eddie the striped ginger cat - missing from Beaufort Crescent

Residents in Bradley Stoke are being asked to be on the look out for a 13-year-old striped ginger cat that went missing about a week ago from the Beaufort Crescent area of Stoke Gifford:

The distraught owner writes:

“My girls cry every night for him! He has a twin brother at home. We believe he may have wandered off due to the fact we had kept locking our cat door at night recently due to a small visitor visiting on a regular basis. He must have been out in that horrendous bad weather and we didn’t know! He has a freckled nose and was quite thin anyway due to what we believe is a thyroid condition. His teeth aren’t perfect either … but he was happy. He chirrups a lot and is very talkative …  but doesn’t really have a voice. Please, please, please, help us! A reward is available for finder!”

Anyone with information is asked to contact 07792 964874.

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