Four arrested at Bradley Stoke residential care hospital

Police are reported to have arrested four people after secret filming by the BBC found a pattern of serious abuse at a residential hospital in Bradley Stoke.

Last night’s BBC Panorama programme exposed a catalogue of shocking incidents at Winterbourne View [map], a residential care home for adults with learning disabilities, which is located in the Vantage Business Park (off Old Gloucester Road).

The hospital’s private sector operator, Castlebeck, has apologised unreservedly and suspended 13 employees.

Patients and staff from the home help to maintain the orienteering course in Bradley Stoke’s Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve as part of a community-based therapy project (The Journal reported in September 2008).

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  1. A truly shocking program that was very moving. The “carers” (and I use that term in the loosest sense of the word) appeared to be nothing short of sadists and will hopefully receive very long custodial sentences.

    However I suspect this is the tip of a massive iceberg and with a very weak quango running inspections, a flawed whistle blowing policy and seemingly no NHS oversight even though they pay £3500 per patient per week who is going to perform the root and branch overhaul?

    I am still angry today at what was happening on our doorstep.

  2. Statement from Filton and Bradley Stoke MP Jack Lopresti:

    “The footage shown on last night’s Panorama was shocking and haunting. To me the actions of some of the members of staff at Winterbourne View Hospital amounted to torture and assault against some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”

    “I have now written to the local PCT, the Quality Care Commission and Castlebeck Care concerning the future of the facility and for the outcomes of internal enquiries.”

    “Serious failures were clearly made by those responsible for the patient’s well-being and care and these should be rectified and strong action taken as soon as possible.”

  3. A new statement from South Gloucestershire Council:

    The South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board has appointed Margaret Flynn to chair the serious case review looking into the allegations of abuse at Winterbourne View private hospital.

    The review will examine the effectiveness of the safeguarding system and processes as they applied to Winterbourne View hospital.

    Margaret Flynn has extensive experience of adult protection work and is chair of Lancashire Safeguarding Adults Board, as well as being a highly regarded independent consultant. She has conducted many serious case reviews across the UK and is also joint editor of the Journal of Adult Protection.

    The serious case review will establish whether there are lessons to be learnt from the circumstances of the case, about the way in which local professionals and agencies work together to safeguard vulnerable adults.

    It is expected to commence in July and a report on the findings will be made publicly available.

  4. Press release issued today (Monday 20th June) by Jack Lopresti MP:

    Earlier today Jack Lopresti MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke met with Mr Lee Reed, the Chief Executive of Castlebeck, in Westminster to discuss the future of the Winterbourne View Hospital.

    Mr Lopresti said:

    “Following my calls for the closure of Winterbourne View Hospital I have now met with the Chief Executive of Castlebeck, Mr Lee Reed. Mr Reed confirmed to me that Winterbourne View Hospital is to close on Friday this week.”

    “Mr Reed gave me his assurances that the closure of the hospital will be conducted in as sensitive a way as possible so that little or no disruption will be caused to the on-going care of the patients.”

    “I stand by my call for the hospital’s closure and I am pleased that Castlebeck have come to the same conclusion. Given the horrific events which have taken place at Winterbourne View I believe its future running is un-tenable.”

    “The most important consideration is that the patients and their families receive what they need. I understand that by Friday all patients will have been relocated and will continue their care at other hospitals.”

  5. That is excellent news, hopefully the patients will now recieve the care they require but in a respectful, safe environment.

    Roll on the trials of those former staff.