Council to draft proposal for second toucan crossing

Accident witness appeal sign on Bradley Stoke Way

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has agreed to draft a proposal for a second toucan crossing on Bradley Stoke Way near the spot where a 13-year-old boy was seriously injured in a traffic accident three weeks ago.

The news is revealed in the latest newsletter of Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS), where the injured boy is a student in Year 9.

BSCS Headteacher Dave Baker reports that he attended a meeting this week with representatives of SGC, including Cllr Brian Allinson, the Council’s Executive Member for Transport, members of the police force and other local headteachers.

Mr Baker says that the safety of pedestrians crossing Bradley Stoke Way was the only agenda item at the meeting, which was arranged after headteachers, parents and other residents voiced concern that nothing seemed to have been done to improve road safety after an earlier accident at virtually the same location in February.

According to Mr Baker, the Council has agreed to prepare a proposal to:

  • Add a second toucan crossing at the crossing point between the entrance to Savages Wood and the entrance to Bradley Stoke Way from Wheatfield Drive
  • Reduce the speed limit to 30 mph from just north of the new crossing
  • Install railings at the side of the road to discourage people from crossing anywhere other than the two designated crossing areas

There will also be greater police presence in the area to check the speed of motorists as well as some reactive road signs reminding drivers to slow down.

At the present time, there are no plans to reduce the dual carriageway stretch of Bradley Stoke Way between the Willow Brook Centre and the Leisure Centre to a single carriageway – the Council will review this once the other measures are in place, adds Mr Baker.

The latest news on the injured boy, Ben Thompson, is that he is now able to breathe on his own and has therefore been moved from the Critical Care Unit at the Bristol Children’s Hospital to Frenchay Hospital.

A public petition to force SGC to debate a set of road safety improvement measures on Bradley Stoke Way demanded by local residents achieved the required 2,500 signatures within six days of being launched. For further details of the petition and how to sign, see: Road safety improvements petition launched.

Local MP Jack Lopresti says he has asked the Roads Minister, Mike Penning, to see if there is anything the Government can do to assist SGC in addressing the issue.

Bradley Stoke Way road safety petition launch

Photo: Official launch of the Bradley Stoke Way road safety petition.

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