Councillor says inflatable Santa Claus ban is “bonkers”

Cllr John Ashe (Conservative, Bradley Stoke South).

A Bradley Stoke Councillor has criticised his own Council’s planning department after an official threatened a Winterbourne Christmas tree seller with prosecution for erecting an inflatable Santa Claus on his land.

A statement given by South Gloucestershire Council to the Bristol Post described the Santa figure as an “illegal advertisement” and expressed concern that “the inflatable risks distracting passing drivers and causing a hazard to road users”.

Cllr John Ashe (Cons, Bradley Stoke South) says he fears Christmas light displays in residential areas could soon attract the attention of over-zealous Council officials.

Cllr Ashe told The Post:

“After telling people to take down their inflatable Santas, what next? Telling people to take down their outdoor Christmas lights?”

“There are inevitably going to be more distractions around at this time of year – it’s called being festive. Common sense at Christmas is being forced to make way for Scrooge. It’s bonkers.”

Read more in the Bristol Post:

Hopefully, the clamp down will have no effect on The Journal’s charity reader poll to find the best Christmas lights display in Bradley Stoke, which starts tomorrow (Sunday 23rd December).

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  1. The same Enforcement Officer is trying to evict boats from the River Avon at Hanham. It seems he really is “bonkers”.

    Both cases are a huge waste of public money.