Council explains reasons for lane changes on A38

Posted on Thursday 18th October 2018 at 9:07 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of two road signs on the A38 nortbound between Aztec West and M5 J16.

Motorists using the A38 northbound between the Aztec West Roundabout and M5 J16 will have noted further changes to the road layout in recent months. The latest alterations were implemented in June 2018, eight months after a £4.2m scheme of “improvements” on the southbound side of the A38 and on the arms of the Aztec West Roundabout itself was deemed “substantially completed” in October 2017.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has refused to accept a widely held view that the original multi-million pound scheme actually worsened peak time traffic delays for the majority of road users in the area, claiming that the latest work constituted “mitigation measures” needed to alleviate issues that were outside the scope of the original work.

When pressed to explain what these additional issues were, SGC officers listed them as:

  • Inefficiency of the operation of M5 16, leading to exit blocking, the subsequent knock-on effect causing queuing back to and beyond Aztec West Roundabout.
  • The completion of Pinchpoint schemes at M5 J16 in 2015 by both SGC and Highways England failed to maximise potential for improvements to the local network.
  • Motorists exiting the Aztec West Business Park in the lane meant for Bradley Stoke Way and turning left rather than using the left filter lane. This resulted in these motorists blocking vehicles travelling from Bradley Stoke Way and the A38 south of the roundabout.
  • Traffic turning right from Bradley Stoke Way heading for M5 J16 was frequently observed queueing over the boxed junction on the circulatory. This uses up the capacity for A38 northbound, when A38 northbound is on green only a few vehicles make it through the cycle after all the box queueing traffic has cleared.
  • Surveys undertaken in November 2017 and February 2018 showed that the average length of time taken to exit the business park was 21 minutes.

A range of potential mitigation options was revealed at the Bradley Stoke Community Engagement Forum in February 2018, and from these, ‘Option 2’ was selected, namely to “convert lane 1 northbound between Aztec West Roundabout and M5 J16 to ‘left only’”.

The A38 lane reconfiguration was implemented in June 2018, with the council saying that there was no time for further public consultation “due to funding deadlines and imminent work by Highways England to install a new slip road crossing at J16”.

Monitoring of the impact of the lane reconfiguration is ongoing, says SGC, as is monitoring of the traffic signals at the J16 roundabout, which are under the control of Highways England.

SGC has refused to accept the view that new traffic signals on the left filter lane out of the business park, which show red even when no pedestrians are crossing, are responsible for delaying traffic exiting the park.

Asked whether SGC has assessed potential additional stresses on the Aztec West traffic flow resulting from unanticipated factors such as the removal of tolls on the Severn bridges and the possible building of an arena at Filton Airfield, a spokesperson said:

“The Aztec West scheme was designed based on predicted future traffic flows taking account for future planned growth in housing and employment. The impact of any traffic generated by an arena at Filton on the Aztec West Roundabout will be assessed if and when detailed proposals for an arena and its proposed operation come forward. The actual impact of the removal of the Severn bridge tolls, when they cease at the end of the year, will be monitored as part of the council’s traffic monitoring programme.”

• Funding for the original £4.2m scheme was provided by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership.

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3 Responses to “Council explains reasons for lane changes on A38”

  1. Pauline Porter Says:

    SGC are a law to themselves making wrong decisions for years and wasting billions of pounds. They DO NOT listen to the general public who have first hand experience of using the local area facilities, hence then further costly alterations to try and rectify their mistakes.
    Who in there right mind would sanction the Metro Bus system that cannot serve the Parkway Station ?
    These people are there only for there GAIN in as much drawing large expenses etc and no interest in the local area. Even our Parliamentary candidate does not reside in the area and hasn’t any interest but only in his new flusy.

  2. Shaun Says:

    You’re right they haven’t got a clue and I’m sure don’t think things through for than a 5 minute council meeting!

    Now everyone either going straight ahead North on the A38 or trying to get onto the M5/M4 will be forced into the middle lane because lane 1 is for M5 southbound and only “first timers” use lane 3 because everybody else knows that you always get blocked by traffic coming off the M5 at the roundabout.

    People coming from Aztec West trying to head North on the A38 or trying to get onto the M5/M4 will also be forced to block lane one whilst people in lane 2 let them in.

    You really do despair!

  3. Shaun Says:

    “The A38 lane reconfiguration was implemented in June 2018, with the council saying that there was no time for further public consultation “due to funding deadlines and imminent work by Highways England to install a new slip road crossing at J16”.

    They have as much admitted themselves that they didn’t think about it and just implemented “something” to make sure they didn’t lose any funding

    We also have two Mayors , one is a self serving waste of space i.e. Marvin Rees, the other Tim Bowles is just a waste of space!

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