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Why do traffic lights at Aztec West show red when nobody is crossing?

Posted on Friday 3rd November 2017 at 5:08 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing.

Following on from the two major gridlock incidents in August and September, a number of Journal readers have asked why vehicles leaving the Aztec West Business Park and heading north on the slip road to the A38 are held by red signals at the new pedestrian crossing, when nobody is crossing and there is no traffic leaving the roundabout on the northbound A38? It has been suggested that this is contributing to delays exiting the business park.

We put the question to South Gloucestershire Council and this is what we had back…

“The crossing lights on the A38 immediately north of the roundabout are working as intended. This is not a regular, stand-alone pedestrian crossing, these new crossings are part of a sequenced traffic signal system that includes a pedestrian crossing facility. The entire roundabout is in effect a series of signalised junctions and we have balanced priorities to aid movement of all users. When lights controlling traffic are on red, this provides an opportunity for pedestrians to safely cross the road.”

“The particular signals in question control two, potentially conflicting streams of traffic (one exiting Aztec West the other the roundabout). Red lights on the different phases should allow a merge in turn operation, but we are aware of the need to look at this in respect to alignment with the signals under Junction 16 of the motorway. We are also considering the lane signing.”

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[Forum] Botched “improvements” leave drivers stranded in Aztec West

Posted on Wednesday 2nd August 2017 at 10:40 pm by Mike DJ (Forum)

Drivers attempting to leave Aztec West this evening faced delays of up to an hour due to badly configured traffic lights.

Here are two photos showing some of the queue in Aztec West:

Traffic queue in the Aztec West business park on 2nd August 2017. Traffic queue in the Aztec West business park on 2nd August 2017.

I walked out of the business park and discovered that the huge queues were caused by the phasing of the traffic lights.

Here’s the traffic on the Aztec roundabout from Bristol followed by the traffic from Bradley Stoke:

Aztec West Roundabout. Aztec West Roundabout.

I think it’s obvious from these photos that the traffic from both these directions was very light. These photos are both captured from a (non-too-exciting) video that I took showing the sequencing of the lights. The video shows that the lights allow traffic to flow from Bristol, then from Bradley Stoke, then from Bristol, then from Bradley Stoke and then finally allow a few vehicles out of the business park.

Here’s a photo of Bradley Stoke Way showing a complete lack of queues:

Little traffic on Bradley Stoke Way despite massive queues to leave the nearby Aztec West business park.

I took the Bradley Stoke photo some 15 minutes after the others because I walked home having abandoned my car in work.

Drivers in Aztec West have been facing variable traffic conditions for months as different traffic light settings are experimented with.  The traffic this evening is probably the worst that it’s been so far. I do remember that the traffic was bad on polling day back in June but that was only a relatively minor 20 minute delay.

Mike DJ

A small selection of public tweets on the issue

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More roadworks at M5 junction 16 (Almondsbury) due to start this week

Posted on Monday 12th January 2015 at 12:04 am by SH (Editor)

Almondsbury Roundabout on the A38 Gloucester Road.

Improvement work on the northbound exit slip road at junction 16 of the M5 (Almondsbury) is due to get under way this week.

The Highways Agency is carrying out the work as part of the Government’s Pinch Point programme, which forms part of the growth initiative outlined during the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in November 2011.

According to the agency: “Pinch Points provides smaller scale improvements that can deliver big returns by easing congestion and making journey times more reliable for road users as well as helping to boost local economies and drive economic growth.”

Highways Agency Project Sponsor Dave Stock said:

“We are widening the exit slip road at the junction which should reduce congestion and delays, particularly during the rush hour.”

“The scheme will have a positive impact on the M5 in this area as well as supporting growth in the surrounding area such as Filton Airfield and Patchway.”

The scheme is due to start on Monday 12th January and work to widen the slip road is planned to be completed by the end of March.

A Highways Agency spokesperson added:

“We will take the opportunity while working in this area to undertake maintenance work to renew existing traffic signalling equipment at the junction, this is planned to be completed by the middle of April.”

“Narrow lanes, lane closures and as well as some full closures of the slip roads will be required during the works for the safety of road users and our workforce.”

More info: M5 Junction 16 Northbound Off-slip (Highways Agency)

More: HA project to run in parallel with SGC work at J16 »

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[Forum] We need safer cycle routes at Aztec West

Posted on Thursday 9th August 2012 at 2:14 pm by Janla (Forum)

Aztec West Business Park, Bristol.

Having recently taken up cycling to work, I do wish Aztec West were equipped with either cycle paths or shared cycle/footpaths. Cycle lanes on roads that carry motor traffic are simply not safe enough except for expert sports cyclists.

Every morning I see dozy white van drivers with mobile phones to their ears and I’m terrified they will just run into me without noticing. The roads also take us a long way round the main loop to get to the other side from the shared cycle/pedestrian tunnel on the A38, and official cut-throughs are fiddly, often requiring kerb-jumping or squeezing between parked cars.

As soon as I’m off Aztec West and on my way to Bradley Stoke, there is no problem, and I can use cycle paths and ultra-low-traffic roads.

Simply allowing cyclists to share the Aztec footpaths on an official basis would be a huge step forward.

I hope I won’t have to give up and start using the car again.

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