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Staffed hours at library reduced to save costs

Posted on Sunday 1st October 2017 at 11:45 pm by SH (Editor)

Bradley Stoke Library.

Staffed opening hours at Bradley Stoke Library are to be reduced to 35 hours per week (currently 45.5 hours) from Monday 2nd October as part of cost-saving measures being introduced across the library service by South Gloucestershire Council.

The total number of hours for which the library is open each week will, however, remain unchanged, thanks to the use of ‘Open Access’ technology.

Open Plus swipe pad at Bradley Stoke Library.

The new system, which was installed at Bradley Stoke in February and at other South Gloucestershire libraries over the summer, allows registered users to use their upgraded membership cards to access services during unstaffed hours. They are able to browse, borrow and renew books and other resources and make use of other facilities such as computers and study spaces.

By reducing staffed opening hours, the council hopes to save £500,000 per annum, although net savings in the first year will be minimal due to the £450,000 cost of installing the Open Access technology and associated security measures.

Open Access will also go live on 2nd October at Cadbury Heath, Filton, Emersons Green, Winterbourne, Thornbury, Staple Hill and Yate libraries, with users able to use the library from 7.30am to 8.30pm, seven days a week.

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Great fun for kids and adults: Library’s new Spanish Rhyme Time

Posted on Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 9:24 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of the Spanish Rhyme Time group.

A weekly ‘rhyme time’ session has been a popular attraction at Bradley Stoke Library for a number of years now, but a recent initiative has seen the concept given a new twist – with the introduction of a Spanish language variant!

The new weekly Spanish Rhyme Time has been started by local mums Adele Innes and Adriana Moreno with the aim of helping youngsters learn Spanish through singing fun children’s songs. It is not a Spanish lesson as such, but the intention is that children will pick up the language through repetition.

Adele, who is from Scotland, has studied several languages and learnt Spanish whilst living in her husband’s home country of Ecuador, while Adriana hails from Columbia.

Before moving to Bradley Stoke, Adele used to take her children to a Spanish Rhyme time in London, which she says they thoroughly enjoyed.

Adele told the Journal:

“I would have started this group as soon as we moved here two years ago, but I was waiting to find a native speaker who wanted to run it with me. The group aims to create community amongst local Spanish speakers and families with ancestral links to the language. It also looks to support children who are taught Spanish at school and welcomes any child who would like to be (or whose parents would like them to be) exposed to Spanish.”

The group provides the opportunity for children and their parents to enjoy Spanish children’s songs and stories with both fluent Spanish speakers and those who are just starting out.

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New opening hours at Bradley Stoke Library

Posted on Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 10:15 pm by SH (Editor)

Open Plus swipe pad at Bradley Stoke Library.

Bradley Stoke Library has introduced new opening hours with effect from Monday 6th February, providing an extra 42 hours of opening through a swipe card Open Access system, which allows people to use services when staff are not present. During the unstaffed times library users are able to browse, borrow and return books and use the IT facilities, from early in the morning to later in the evening.

This new self-service facility allows existing users to visit the library outside of staffed hours using their library card and a PIN they will be issued with when they upgrade their membership and are given an induction to show them how the Open Access system works.

Open Access users can enter the library from 8am – 9.30pm Monday to Friday, with staff on site 9.30am to 6pm on every weekday, apart from Wednesday. On weekends, Open Access is between 8am and 6pm, with staffing available 9.30am – 5pm on Saturdays and 11am – 3pm on Sundays. The changes mean that staff will be available earlier in the day, when the library is busier, rather than in the evenings.

This changes are part of a major refurbishment of Bradley Stoke Library, which includes the creation of a Quiet Zone to allow people to study and use the computers in an area without disturbance, a new more visible entrance and a casual seating area. The work was funded by Section 106 funding from local housing developments, which funds core Council infrastructure projects and was carried out at the same time as the £3.6 million redevelopment.

This Open Access technology is relatively new to the UK, although it is used extensively in Scandinavia. To use the system, all users are given an induction, explaining terms and conditions of use, entry outside of staffed hours, along with the usual self-service facilities for borrowing, renewing and returning of books and other items. The PCs and wi-fi are also available, along with printing and photocopying facilities and a selection of quick-pick book titles, DVDs and CDs.

To sign up for this new service please call in to the library, phone 01454 868006 or send an email to

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Second consultation on library service cuts

Posted on Wednesday 30th November 2016 at 8:00 pm by SH (Editor)

Bradley Stoke Library (temporary entrance during redevelopment work in 2016).

Residents of South Gloucestershire are being encouraged to take part in a second round of consultation on the future of library services in the area after the local authority backtracked on it original plans to close a number of libraries or severely restrict their opening hours.

The council’s revised plan, which sees the targeted savings scaled back by 23 percent, centres around the introduction of new technology which would allow people to use libraries even when there are no staff on duty.

At the heart of the new proposals is a reduced savings target, reduced from £650,000 to £500,000, from an annual budget of £2.6million. This means that staffed hours would not be reduced by as much as previously anticipated.

The plans also propose introducing an ‘open access’ technology that would mean extended opening hours for libraries when no staff are on duty, potentially from 8.30am to 7.30pm, 7 days a week. This would be an extension of opening hours of up to 100 per cent over current hours and could make libraries much more accessible to people who cannot normally get to them during current opening times. Investment in this new technology would incur one-off costs of up to £400,000.

It is also proposed that the mobile library service be replaced with community centre-based libraries across South Gloucestershire, run by volunteer groups. The Council would also fund the building costs of Chipping Sodbury Library with the service being delivered by volunteers. These plans would mean that no library building would have to close as a result of the savings.

Views are sought on each of these proposals as well as peoples’ preferences for patterns of staffed opening hours. The preferred plans see libraries grouped into geographical ‘clusters’ with the aim of ensuring that there is a staffed library open six days a week (Monday to Saturday) within each cluster. No libraries would be staffed on a Sunday.

Locally, Bradley Stoke Library would form a cluster with the libraries in Patchway and Filton. Staffed hours would amount to 35 hours per week at Bradley Stoke (currently 45.5), 24 hours per week at Patchway (33.5) and 26 hours at Filton (41.5).

While the consultation process is under way, the council will also be conducting a pilot of a form of open access technology, called Open Plus, at Bradley Stoke Library.

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