Crucial meeting to resolve bowling lockout at Baileys Court

Lockout at Baileys Court Bowling Green

The long-standing dispute between Bradley Stoke Town Council and Northavon Bowls Club has escalated to the point where the Council has padlocked the gates to the bowling green at Baileys Court Activity Centre. The green and pavilion are leased by the Club from the Council under an agreement dating back to the 1990’s, when the former Northavon District Council constructed the original facilities.

The dispute stems from a decision by the Council, in early 2007, to increase the annual rent charged to the Club by 54%. With the two parties unable to come to an agreement, the Council, in October 2007, served notice on the Club to terminate the lease.

Mindful of the oncoming new bowling season, the Club recently agreed to pay “without prejudice” the increased rental amount, but the Council are still refusing the Club access to the bowling green and pavilion until a new agreement is signed.

Tonight (Monday) sees a further meeting between the Council’s working group and the Club to see if agreement can be reached in time for the opening of the new bowling season later this week.

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