[Forum] Call for more GPs at Bradley Stoke Surgery

Bradley Stoke Surgery, Brook Way

Dear Journal,

Can your newsletter please look into and report on how impossible it is for working people to get an appointment to see a doctor at Bradley Stoke Surgery?

I have tried ringing up in the 8:30-9:30 window; never to get to talk to anyone.

When after 20 plus attempts, then someone will tell me all the appointments are gone.

I have made my self late for work by going there in the morning, only to find myself behind 25 other people.

We clearly desperately need more GPs in Bradley Stoke.

The current service is a poor joke, at the expense of people’s health.

Please investigate as I am sure I am not the only one thinking this.

Yours sincerely,

Impatient2 (anon)

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  1. I have finally worked out how to successfully get the appointment I want with the dr I want! Register with the surgery to use their booking online service. The appointments for the day are released at 8.15am (not before). Log on and choose from a huge selection of times and doctors. No more phoning and not getting through which I’ve done for years.

  2. For Concorde, you can sign up to their web site and book a time with a doctor that way for routine appointments.

    For same day appointments, rapidly dialling at 08:30 usually gets through by 08:45 and an appointment to somebody the same day.

  3. The new on line system is very good. Never failed to get an appointment. It would probably help if some people visited their doctor with more serious illnesses rather than waste their time with odd sniffles!