Do you have what it takes to abseil the Avon Gorge?

Charity abseiling in the Avon Gorge. Photo courtesy of Pure Light Photography.

A local charity is appealing for supporters to abseil Avon Gorge and raise money to help people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The West of England MS Therapy Centre, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

The abseil, on Saturday 11th May, will see 50 people taking on this 90 foot cliff face, each raising money to support the West of England MS Therapy Centre in Bradley Stoke.

You’ll need nerves of steel as you lean backwards over the cliff edge, trusting your life to a rope no thicker than your thumb. But you’ll be rewarded with stunning views and a great feeling of success as you get to the bottom, knowing you’ve really made a difference to the lives of people living with MS.

The abseil will support people like Annette who comes to the centre each week for oxygen treatment. Thanks to this, she is able to continue in full time work.

“The oxygen helps much of the fatigue and achiness – it also lifts the spirits! The centre has become a part of my life I value very much.”

It costs just £10 to take part, and people are asked to raise £120 or more, which is enough to fund an oxygen treatment session for up to seven people. Oxygen treatment helps to reduce the extreme fatigue caused by Multiple Sclerosis, as well as counter eye-sight problems, and help to improve memory. It is one of the most popular therapies at the centre.

Jenny Barstow, Events and Community Fundraiser for the centre, said:

“By taking part in this abseil, you will be directly helping people like Annette, who come to the Centre to help regain control of their life with MS. It is such a fantastic event. Last year the Abseil raised over £10,000 and we’re hoping to beat that this year! Multiple Sclerosis is a life changing condition and by taking part in the abseil, you’ll be helping people to learn to live with their ever changing condition.”

The abseil will support the centre’s ‘Up and Away’ appeal which will double the number of people living with Multiple Sclerosis that they help. The appeal aims to raise £800,000 over two years to help 450 people regain control and live the best life possible in spite of their MS.

To register for the abseil, or find out more, please go to, email or call Jenny on 01454 628 725.

Photo courtesy of Pure Light Photography © 2012.

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