Woodlands Lane closure extended to August 2016

Woodlands Lane is now not expected to re-open until "approximately August 2016", 47 weeks after it was closed for MetroBus construction work.

The closure of a short section of Woodlands Lane, where it meets Bradley Stoke Way, is likely to last nearly three times longer than originally anticipated, MetroBus contractors Alun Griffiths have announced.

The road closure, associated with the construction of new bus lanes on the North Fringe to Hengrove Package MetroBus route, came in effect on 2nd September and was originally planned to last for 18 weeks, but local residents were informed last Friday that “unforeseen circumstances” have led to the closure being extended by an estimated seven months.

As reported in the December edition of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine, problems with a shallow depth gas main and an unexpectedly large and complex network of pre-existing underground cable ducts have meant that a revised design has become necessary for the Bradley Stoke Way / Woodlands Lane junction, meaning it will take longer to complete than originally planned.

In a letter sent to residents directly affected by the closure, Carys Gwillym, community liaison officer for Alun Griffiths, wrote:

“I wish to make you aware that due to unforeseen circumstances which has led to design change and programme extension, it has become necessary for Woodlands Lane to remain closed until approximately August 2016. Access will remain via Patchway Brook Roundabout.”

“Please be assured, we are making all efforts to complete the work in a timely manner and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding, it really is appreciated.”

The impact of the delay on MetroBus construction work planned for other sections of Bradley Stoke Way throughout 2016 and non-MetroBus related roadworks planned for the Aztec West Roundabout from spring/summer 2016 is not yet clear.

A public drop-in session has been arranged at the Jubilee Centre on Thursday 14th January, from 10.30am to 12.30pm, “to answer any queries or questions you may have for the contractors regarding the MetroBus construction works”.

For more information, visit The Journal’s dedicated MetroBus Build page.

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  1. Thanks for this Lopresti! I suppose us mere plebs can jolly well sit in traffic whilst you toodle-pip off to your next meeting with airfield developers. Tally Ho!

  2. Something needs to be done to improve the speed of the work being done. The contractors seem to be finished by the time I pass (slowly) on my way home at 4:30pm. Often they’re just standing around to and a couple of times I’ve passed and they’re using a mini-digger to try and scrape gravel off the tarmac when a man with a spade could do it 10x faster.

  3. How deplorable. Twelve months to construct a 100yd bus lane. Shame on South Glos planners.
    I worked for South Western Electricity Board for almost 40yrs. When we were planning construction work we sent out notices under The Public Utilities Street Works Act (PUSWA). These went to other utilities, Highway, Gas, Water, Sewage, Telephones, etc. The Notice described the proposed works and included a detailed site plan,
    In a week or so these plans were received back duly marked by the various authorities showing what they had in the vicinity.
    These plans were eventually placed in the construction engineer’s folder for information. It was usual for him to make early contact to meet other authorities” engineers to discuss the proposed work on site.
    Conversely, the other authorities sent us notices and maps of their proposed work.
    It is vitally important that accurate drawings are made when the actual work is under way, as once all the soil and tarmac is back there is very little (if any) to see on site.
    It certainly seems that adequate advance information had not been obtained before detailed planning got under way to design this section.

  4. It’s all a racket but surely the way to stop this happening in future is to penalise the contractors for every day that their work over-runs.

    Set it at £10,000 a day and I can guarantee that work would finish on time.

    Having said that, it DOES provide some entertainment…….I particularly enjoyed the blue 07-plate Vauxhall that approached tonight at 5.40p.m from the North and assumed the **outside** lane (lane 4) before racing away from the lights, veering sharp left and barging his way into the queue of traffic on Woodlands Lane.

    In lane 4 when he should have been in lane 1……you couldn’t make it up.

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