[Forum] Withdrawal of X74 will affect college students

An X74 bus waits at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke.

So, the X74 is being scrapped. When it turned up (which it often did not), it was always busy. Now it has been scrapped, lots of local youngsters who attend SGS College in Filton will no longer be able to get to the college easily.

What is the council doing about this? Many won’t find out the bus does not run any more until they try to start their college courses in September. Guess it was good timing to scrap it during the summer when the college is closed.

What were the passenger numbers? We live in an urban area not the middle of the countryside; I just don’t get how this decision can be justified.

I can’t see the point of the Metrobus chaos if there is no demand in the area for public transport!

Andrew M

Photo: An X74 bus waits at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke.

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  1. So what is going to be put in place for students getting to SGS from Bradley Stoke. My son is special needs and that bus is the only way he can get to college and home.

  2. I use the X74 every day for my journey to the UWE, I have looked at the alternatives as stated by First- 73 or X73 nearest stop to the UWE is Sainsbury’s with an epic bus journey all around Bradley Stoke before reaching this destination and traffic chaos or a 35 min walk to catch the X18 at Little Stoke roundabout not sure how this is acceptable. I’m unsure why they say this route is not used as in my experience the bus is full every morning and evening often standing room only ! I also wonder why additional services were added last year to include Saturday & Sundays and additional evening journeys if this route does not pay.

  3. It appears that things have gone rather quite regarding the replacement of an alternative bus service after the exit of the X74…has there been anything going on behind the scenes lately?