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Woodlands Lane closed to through traffic from Monday for Wessex Water roadworks

Posted on Sunday 18th February 2018 at 8:10 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of a road sign informing of a road closure on Woodlands Lane.

Peak-time traffic congestion of a severity last seen during the notorious MetroBus roadworks of 2015/17 could return to Bradley Stoke for a few days in the coming week.

Wessex Water says it will be closing Woodlands Lane to through traffic for up to three days from Monday (19th February) in order to repair a defect in its network near the junction with The Park (opposite Woodlands Park).

The extent of the section closed to through traffic has not been specified but is likely to stretch from the junction with Grange Close to the entrance to Woodlands Park.

Wessex Water says temporary three-way traffic signals (operational 9am to 3pm) will be installed at the junction with The Park, so that access to this road can be maintained [for residents].

Asked if the road closure for through traffic would be effective 9am to 3pm only or full-time for the duration of the works, a Wessex Water spokesperson said via Twitter on Sunday:

“It will probably be for the duration, but unable to confirm today.”

Vehicles wishing to travel between Bradley Stoke Way and areas east of the road closure will be expected to divert via Pear Tree Road, as they did during the MetroBus roadworks when the junction of Woodlands Lane with Bradley was fully closed for 17 months and partially closed for a further 12 months. During this period, long queues developed along pear Tree Road at peak times.

Source: Information provided to the Journal by Wessex Water. Correct as of 4pm on Sunday 18th February. Contact them on 0345 600 4 600 with any queries.

First Bus says buses on its 73 route will divert via Bradley Stoke Way and Pear Tree Road in both directions. Stops on Pear Tree Road will be available for use upon request.

Photo: Road sign on Woodlands Lane (opposite Woodlands Park).

UPDATE at 2.30pm on Monday 19th February

Wessex Water says it hopes to reopen Woodlands Lane to through traffic in time for the afternoon peak today. It will remain open on Tuesday, but a further off-peak closure will be required on Wednesday to apply anti-skid surfacing.

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Aztec West and A38 road improvement scheme branded a “complete failure”

Posted on Saturday 17th February 2018 at 10:15 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of traffic signals at a pedestrian crossing over the exit slip road from the Aztec West Business Park.

The recently completed £4.5 million project to reduce congestion and install pedestrian crossing points at the Aztec West Roundabout has been branded a “complete failure” by one motorist who says the new road layout has added half-an-hour to the time it takes him to exit the Aztec West Business Park each evening.

In an email to the Journal, the commuter, who we have chosen not to name, talks about the “environmental catastrophe” of cars queuing around the entire loop road of the business park and says the issue has seriously affected his quality of life because he no longer gets home in time to see his children before they go to bed.

As previously reported, and corroborated by many other readers, the main issue appears to be the throttling effect of traffic signals at a new pedestrian crossing on the slip road between the business park exit and the A38 northbound.

In an effort to beat the queues, frustrated drivers exiting the business park are using the wrong lanes and then cutting in at the last minute to reach the left filter lane onto the A38. Some of them are even continuing onto the roundabout using the lanes designated for Bradley Stoke and then making a left turn onto the A38, thereby by-passing the troublesome left filter lane. In doing so they cause a hold up that prevents the people in the correct lane from being able to make progress when the lights turn green.

“In short, these road updates have been a complete failure. Occasionally there was traffic like this before the changes, usually for a good reason such as a motorway accident, but it was never for three consecutive days in a row [as experienced in the first week of January] with no incidents in sight,” adds the commuter.

More: Timing of signals at M5 J16 roundabout also an issue »

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Council’s astonishing U-turn over left-turn ban

Posted on Saturday 13th January 2018 at 9:55 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of no left-turn signage at the Hambrook lights.

Commuters who travel between Bradley Stoke and destinations in East Bristol have welcomed an astonishing council U-turn on a hugely unpopular ‘no left-turn’ restriction at the Hambrook lights, which they claimed was adding upwards of ten minutes to their journey times.

The restriction, which applied to traffic approaching the lights on the B4058 Bristol Road from Winterbourne, had been introduced on a trial basis from Monday 13th November as part of the traffic management measures associated with the Bromley Heath Viaduct (BHV) repair works on the A4174 Ring Road.

Explaining the move, South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) said the need for left-turning traffic to join the contraflow on the A4174 was leading to “queuing along the B4058 of vehicles travelling straight ahead or turning right”. Vehicles wishing to travel eastbound on the ring road would now need to turn right at the lights and travel around the roundabout at Junction 1 of the M32.

However, in the days after the change came into force, many motorists chose to ignore the recommended diversion and go straight ahead at the lights, leading to increased congestion in Frenchay. There were also reports of vehicles continuing to make a sharp left turn at the lights once they had reached the carriageway of the A4174.

Reactions on the council’s dedicated BHV Facebook page were overwhelmingly negative, with hundreds of comments describing the restriction as “absurd” and “ridiculous” and pointing out the side effects on congestion in the wider area.

More: Council’s decision reversed after just two days »

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MetroBus construction report for November

Posted on Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 8:39 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of covered-up road sign at the junction of the new Stoke Gifford By-Pass with the A4174 Ring Road near UWE.

An update compiled by the Journal with the assistance of the West of England Councils’ MetroBus team.

Bradley Stoke Way

All new bus lanes are complete and traffic management has been removed. Landscaping continues, along with remedial work by Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd to fix minor defects.

All work near Great Stoke Roundabout is complete, except for the connection of electrical power to new lighting columns on the verges, which is in progress.

MetroBus shelters

Installation of the one outstanding MetroBus shelter on Bradley Stoke Way, on the northbound side of Bradley Stoke Way, just prior to Great Meadow Roundabout, has been postponed. A MetroBus spokesperson told the Journal: “We have a few issues with how some of the other shelters have been installed. Clear Channel, the contractor, is looking into our concerns and until the situation is rectified, the shelter installation programme has been suspended. We hope to resolve this shortly.”

Stoke Gifford By-Pass

Alun Griffiths are continuing their work to lay the road surface over the Ham Brook bridge, with the task due to for completion in early December. Landscaping along all sections of the by-pass is being carried out concurrently and is due to be completed by Christmas.

Western Power Distribution has now installed metered supplies for the traffic signals at the Hambrook Lane and A4174 junctions, allowing South Gloucestershire Council’s signals team to commence installation of the signals along with the associated induction loops in the road.

In the vicinity of the new bridge over the main railway line, near Kings Drive, Bristol Water’s work to install two lengths of pipework through ducts in the bridge platform and connect these into the existing main is due for completion in early December.

The Journal understands that South Gloucestershire Council is aiming to open the by-pass shortly before Christmas, provided there are no unforeseen issues with the tasks that still need to be completed.

Photo: Could the wraps come off before Christmas? Covered-up road sign at the junction of the new Stoke Gifford By-Pass with the A4174 Ring Road near UWE.

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