Trench Lane to be closed for six weeks at M4 bridge

Photo of road signs near the bridge.
Trench Lane M4 overbridge maintenance work 2020: Road signs near the bridge.

A popular route over the M4 motorway in north Bradley Stoke is to be closed for six weeks from Monday (27th July 2020) to allow Highways England to carry out bridge refurbishment work.

Trench Lane, which runs between the roundabout at the eastern end of Woodlands Lane and Old Gloucester Road (near The Grange Hotel), will be closed 24/7 to all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The Journal understands that it is only the section of road in the immediate vicinity of the motorway bridge that will be closed, so all businesses located off Trench Lane will continue to be accessible, albeit only from its eastern end, i.e. via Old Gloucestershire Road.

A signed diversion will be in operation via Woodlands Lane, Bradley Stoke Way, Winterbourne Road, Old Gloucester Road and Trench Lane; and vice versa.

The planned work is a ‘full bridge deck refurbishment’, which will include concrete repairs, re-waterproofing, resurfacing and joint replacement.

Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Care, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

In a letter sent to stakeholders and local residents, Highways England writes:

“We would not normally do works under a full closure in the summer, but following consultation with South Gloucestershire Council we have been restricted to undertaking these works over the school summer holidays to prevent disruption to Bowsland Green Primary School.”

“Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We always aim to work to the programme however unforseen circumstances, or adverse weather may mean changes to it. We will make every effort to ensure the impact on the local community and travelling public is kept to a minimum.”

Photo of the M4 motorway Trench Lane overbridge.
M4 motorway Trench Lane overbridge.

The end date of the work period is given as 1st September in the letter to stakeholders, although signage on site shows this as 3rd September.

Anyone with questions or comments about the work is invited to contact the Highways England Customer Contact Centre (open 24/7) on 0300 123 5000 or by email at

Updates will be published on the Twitter feed of Highways England (@HighwaysSWEST)

Plan of diversion.
Trench Lane M4 overbridge work 2020: Plan of diversion.

• Plan of diversion route at higher resolution: JPEG; PDF

Update (27th August 2020)

Highways England has informed SGC that there has been a delay in the works at the Trench Lane bridge and the road closure will have to stay in place until Monday 19th October 2020 (i.e. seven weeks later than the originally planned end date of 1st September 2020).

“The works were originally brought forward to be completed during the summer holidays and prevent disruption to Bowsland Green Primary School. Unfortunately it has not been possible to complete them due to unforeseen repair work needed on the bridge.”

Update (20th October 2020)

Phooto of the Trench Lane M4 over bridge.
Trench lane M4 over bridge, still closed to traffic on Tuesday 20th October 2020.

The Highways England Customer Contact Centre is now giving a (further) revised completion date of Thursday 22nd October 2020 (so road reopened from Friday 23rd October), but having visited the site today (see photo above) that would appear to be a little optimistic. We will request a statement from the Highways England press office and add a further update here once we have it. [Stephen, BSJ Editor]

Update (22nd October 2020)

Highways England has announced a further delay until “end of November”.

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  1. Its bad enough its been 6 weeks already without making it another 7 weeks. It seems where ever you go at the moment the roads are either shut or there is traffic lights. I know that works need to be done for safety but all at the same time? It would probably help if the workmen spent more than a couple of hours there actually doing something, from what ive seen it doesnt look like anything has been done in the last 6 weeks. Still at least they havent blamed covid for this set back. Every one else is using that excuse for poor service these days.

  2. This is a real pain in the rear when will this end it’s a major inconvenience as I have to walk the long way round and takes me an hour in stead of 20 mins .
    When Will this be open again

  3. Tell me about it, went round on this Saturday to find the road still closed and no sign of it being open today (19/10/20) on wards, I am fed up of risking life and limb going round the long way passed Willow brooks and all the roundabouts. I agree with DH, every time I have been round to check no workmen I have only seen one lot working the last 7 weeks.

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