Plans unveiled for Royal Wedding party at the Jubilee Centre

Bradley Stoke Royal Wedding celebration

Plans for a community party in Bradley Stoke have been revealed following a meeting of the Town Council’s Leisure Youth and Amenities (LYA) Committee on Monday.

The event, which will take place between 10am and 3pm on Friday 29th April – to coincide with the wedding of HRH Prince William to Kate Middleton – is being jointly organised by Friends of Jubilee Green, event management company Re-energize and Bradley Stoke Town Council.

Beer tent

The centerpiece of the event, at the town’s Jubilee Centre complex, will be 14′ x 10′ outdoor big screen TV showing live coverage of the wedding. A variety of catering units will be on hand to feed the crowd as well as a beer tent for that celebratory tipple. Children’s entertainment will be provided with a puppet show before the wedding and party activities on the green in the afternoon.

A “wedding reception” will also be held inside the Jubilee Centre during the afternoon complete with disco and a Prince and Princess fancy dress competition for local children.

Chair of Friends of Jubilee Green Michelle Dent said:

“We are delighted to be involved in the organisation of this event. I remember the fun we had at a street perry for Charles and Diana’s wedding when I was younger and it’ll be greet to see a new generation celebrating as a community. “


“Our vision for the Jubilee Green has always been that it brings the community together and events such as this are e big part of that.”

Chair of the LYA Committee, Cllr Robert Jones, meanwhile explained why the Council are backing the project, saying:

“A big royal wedding is one of those ‘where were you when?’ occasions and we want to bring the community together for the celebration. For the children I’m sure it’ll be something they’ll remember all their lives, while older residents will no doubt recall happy memories from similar events of the past.”

Town Mayor, Cllr Ben Walker, who has been asked to open the event at 10am on the day added:

“Not only is this event a chance to celebrate in a truly British fashion, it will also be a showcase for the local groups in attendance and for the Jubilee Green itself.”

Speaking at Monday’s meeting, Michelle Dent said Re-energize are predicting a turnout of 1,500 to 2,000 people, although this might fall to around 200 in the event of bad weather, when a contingency plan will see most of the action move inside the Jubilee Centre.

The meeting was told that Re-energize would be applying for a street closure order for the stretch of Savages Wood Road leading up to the Jubilee Centre from Brook Way.

Funding for the Bradley Stoke Royal Wedding celebration party was approved at January’s meeting of Full Council by a narrow margin of four votes to three, with one abstention. One of the objectors, Cllr Roger Avenin (Conservative), later wrote to The Journal saying he was against the Council spending £4,500 to stage the event, “in the light of our current financial and economic conditions”.

Anyone preferring to organise their own Royal Wedding street party can find an abundance of useful information at

South Gloucestershire Council has waived the usual fee for road closures for street parties held on Friday 29th April.

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  1. What an absolute waste of money in the current economic climate.

    Think of this when the next round of Council Tax notices come out next month.

  2. I am not a great Royalist, but these events help to build the community sprit that has been growing in BS32 for a number of years now, so congratulations to the organisers and hip hip horaah to the happy couple 🙂

  3. I can see the argument that this is a waste of money but like yahoo says – at least the community should get something from this. Which is probably more than you can say for those bizarre metal bicycles and other objects on posts that have appeared recently (I noticed the one by the leisure centre disappeared fairly quickly) – now that is a waste of money – who’s idea was that? Journal – can we investigate – so we know who not to vote for in May 🙂

  4. £4500 for potentially 200 people. Isn’t it nice to live in an area where we are awash with money. Tax payers money that is.

    This just proves that those with their hands on the BS purse strings have no grasp of financial reality or prudence.

  5. Anon and anon-e-mouse,
    You are obviously not aware that next years Council Tax for Bradley Stoke has been frozen for the 2nd time during the tenure of this current council. For your information, during the tenure of the current Conservative run council, the rises have been 4.2% (08/09), 0% (09/10), 1.79% (10/11) and 0% (11/12) .This compares with the previous Liberal run council, when rates went up by 57% (04/05), 2% (05/06), 5.2% (06/07) and 4.9% (07/08). These figures surely show that the current council has a strong grasp on financial reality and prudence. This whilst at the same time, funding the towns own part time street cleaner and dedicated Police Constable. If you both think you can do a better job, then please feel to stand at the next election.

  6. Now now Mark, put your toys back in the pram. You are accountable to us and as such can be challenged for these facts and figures by any members of the town. They deserve a respectful response and not a smart “Come and do a better job then”. The point isnt that they can stand if they want, the point is that people have elected you and under the current climate you should expect to have any questionable expenses highlighted. But thank you for showing us not to challenge you or your councils decisions in any way.

  7. @Mark Forsyth:

    Frozen? In the current climate it’s fair to ask why not downwards? As as tax payer I expect to see every pound that I pay BSTC to be justified and I reserve the right to challenge anyone who spends my money especially on non-value added items (especially pet projects). So whilst you are on here and claiming “these figures surely show that the current council has a strong grasp on financial reality and prudence” maybe you can explain if the following are examples of this strong grasp?

    £113.69 on 40 customised Xmas card (item 9.2.13, November Town Council accounts). Who received these cards and what benefit did they bring?

    £1275 for a “Clerks foundation degree” at the University Of Gloucestershire ((item 9.2.19, November Town Council accounts). Why not recruit someone with the relevant qualifications in the first place?

    These are just two of many examples of questionable expenditure. If anyone is interested the full accounts are published here:

    PS the last politician to claim they were prudent when it came to spending was one G. Brown. Are you sure you want to be associated with his poor understanding of finance.

  8. TERRIBLE use of money. Nowhere else in Bristol is bothering to do this so why are Bradley Stoke bothering? Maybe if one of them was born in Bradley Stoke or grew up here or something it might make sense but how many people are really going to want to stand in a car park watching a big screen of a boring wedding. It won’t be exciting, it won’t be fun, it’ll be completly pointless. Give me £4500 and I’ll invite everyone over my place to watch it here and give them a free cup of tea.

  9. So, no response from the Chair of the Bradley Stoke Finance Committee to justify just 2 items of questionable expenditure I have highlighted in my posting above.

    A case of them being impossible to justify perhaps?

  10. Christmas cards are sent to a number of organisations and individuals each year. Mostly they are to thank them for the contribution they have made to make the town a better place.

    With regards to the other listed item, like all good employers it is important to invest in staff. BSTC spend monies through-out the year on staff training and career development.

  11. Thank you for the reply Mr Forsyth.

    Suggestion for this year: why not phone people to thank them personally rather than pay for custom cards, or if they are required they cost about a tenner for a box of 40.

    As for the training, out in the revenue-creating real world, companies are winding in their training budgets.

  12. Yes in the real world, which I do work in, companies are scaling back, but training is still taking place, invest today, benefit tomorrow.

  13. We will definitely be attending this event. Our 2 year old will enjoy it and it will help to create good memories of the event and a good community spirit.

    Regards to the foundation degree. I think it is important for an employer to train staff and look after their development. Too many employers only care about the money and not about their employees.

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