Rabbit Roundabout improvements: Completion date slips into October

Photo showing road markings on the Bradley Stoke Way approach to Great Stoke Roundabout.
The Bradley Stoke Way approach to Great Stoke Roundabout, which now has three traffic lanes.

Motorists in the Stokes are now able to see the benefits of a £2.9m scheme of improvements at Great Stoke (Rabbit) Roundabout after the final surfacing and road marking tasks were completed
in early September.

An advertised three-week period of overnight road closures for resurfacing began on 5th August, but had to be extended by one week, and then (unannounced) for a further week, because application of the final high friction surfacing was delayed due to unsuitable weather conditions.

The surfacing work was finally completed on the night of Friday 11th September.

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All approaches to the roundabout now have three general traffic lanes (previously only two) for at least the final 20m. The permitted usage of the lanes (left turn, straight on or right turn) does vary across the four approach directions, so motorists are advised to observe the road markings.

Starting in January 2020 and originally planned to take 12 months, lighter traffic volumes during the coronavirus lockdown allowed the council to bring forward some of the later phases of the project.

In June, the council announced that work on site would be “fully finished by October”, but as we went to press the new toucan crossings on each of the four approach roads were still not operational.

Photo of a new toucan crossing on the Bradley Stoke Way approach to Great Stoke Roundabout.
New toucan crossing on the Bradley Stoke Way approach to Great Stoke Roundabout.

A council spokesperson said:

“All of the civil engineering work has been completed and work on the toucan crossings is currently under way. The new toucan crossings are expected to go live in October.”

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