McDonald’s and Starbucks at Willow Brook

Photo of a two-storey McDonald's restaurant with drive-through.
McDonald’s restaurant and drive-through at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke (December 2022).

Work has now started on the construction of McDonald’s and Starbucks restaurants at Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook shopping centre. It is expected that the build will take around 6 months, meaning that both outlets could be trading by August 2022.

Project status


The McDonald’s outlet opened on Wednesday 14th September 2022.

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Opening hours are currently 6am-10pm, Monday-Sunday.


The Starbuck’s outlet opened on Wednesday 14th December 2022.

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Opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 6.30am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 7am to 8pm
  • Sunday: 8am to 6pm
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Progress timeline

In reverse chronological order.

UPDATE (September 2022): McDonald’s have secured a late night premises licence, clearing the way for the new restaurant and drive-through to open 24/7 from Wednesday 14th September 2022.

UPDATE (August 2022): A new employee recruited by McDonald’s has told the Journal that the Bradley Stoke restaurant will open on Wednesday 14th September 2022.

UPDATE (July 2022): A recent post on the Willow Brook Centre’s Facebook page gives an opening date of “October [2022]” for the Starbucks unit.

UPDATE (June 2022): A recently published recruitment advert from McDonald’s (see below) gives an opening date of “September 2022“.



The two fast food & drink restaurants, both with drive-through facilities, were granted planning permission on appeal in January 2020.

Permission was granted by a government-appointed planning inspector after the application was twice thrown out by committees of councillors at South Gloucestershire Council, in a saga that spanned nearly two years.

Photo of a typical single-storey Starbucks restaurant with drive-through lane.
Photo of a typical single-storey Starbucks restaurant with drive-through lane.

The McDonald’s unit will have a floor area of 542 sqm, split over two floors, while the Starbucks unit is single-storey with a floor area of 167 sqm.

The planning permission does not include any conditions that restrict opening hours, so the two units could potentially trade 24 hours a day.

Progress report (7th July 2022)

  • The enabling works on the corner of the road at the entrance to the car park has begun, with a plan put in place to reduce the requirement to close part of the road to a day or two.
  • Over the next three weeks (from 11/7) there will be 3 road closures that include a small number of parking space closures, 1 section per week. This is to enable the laying of pipework ready to connect the new units to the incoming water main, which runs along the front of the Mall and also to allow the delivery of the McDonald’s unit.
  • The Starbucks frame is in place, with building work continuing. The building is expected to be handed over to Starbucks for fitout in September.
  • McDonald’s is due to complete during September.

Site plan

Development plan.
Willow Brook Centre development Phase 1: McDonald’s and Starbucks.

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Details of the planning permission can be found on the Journal’s Planning Applications of Note page.

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Photo of a Starbucks restaurant nearing completion.
10th December 2022: Starbucks looking ready to open after fencing around the site was taken taken down.
Photo of an under-construction Starbucks restaurant.
15th October 2022: Starbucks restaurant and drive-through nearing completion.
Photo of customers queuing outside a McDonald's restaurant.
14th September 2022: Customers stand in line outside the new McDonald’s restaurant moments before it opened its doors.
Photo showing the words 'Drive Thru' painted in yellow on a road.
Freshly painted ‘Drive Thru’ road marking at the soon-to-open McDonald’s outlet.
Photo of an under-construction Starbucks outlet.
12th September 2022: A large sign displaying the Starbucks logo has been mounted on the building today.
Photo of a building under construction.
1st September 2022: Brand name and ‘Golden Arches’ symbol now fitted on the side of the McDonald’s restaurant.
19th August 2022: View from the Willow Brook car park, with Starbucks in the foreground and McDonald’s behind.
Photo of a building under construction.
29th July 2022: The new McDonald’s restaurant under construction (viewed from within the Willow Brook car park).
Photo of a crane lifting a modular building element.
18th July 2022: The first of the pre-fabricated modules that will make up the new McDonald’s restaurant are hoisted into position. Photo credit: Paul Coakley.
Photo of a building under construction.
13th June 2022: Scaffolding erected around the under-construction Starbucks restaurant.
Photo of a construction site.
13th June 2022: Kerbing in place for the drive-through lanes at the under-construction McDonald’s restaurant.
Photo of the steel framework for a building.
11th April 2022: The steel framework is now in place for the new Starbucks restaurant.
Photo of an excavator at work in a shopping centre car park.
14th February 2022: First day of excavation work at the site of the planned McDonald’s and Starbucks restaurants.

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Keep an eye on the Journal’s Jobs page for details of vacancies at McDonald’s and Starbucks in Bradley Stoke.

McDonald’s Bradley Stoke – Hiring now

Recruiting now for Crew Member, Customer Care and Maintenance roles. See:

A recruitment day was held on Sunday 10th July 2022 at McDonald’s Cribbs Causeway. See above leaflet for details.

Starbucks Bradley Stoke – Hiring now

Starbucks franchisee Cobra Coffee (owned by Southern Co-op) is advertising the following roles: Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Shift Supervisor, Barista [correct as of 12th August 2022]. Find out more…

Bradley Stoke job vacancies.

Licensing applications

McDonald’s Bradley Stoke

McDonald’s Restaurants Limited has submitted an application for the grant of a premises licence for the provision of late night refreshment from 23:00 to 05:00, Mondays to Sundays.

Holding such a licence is a requirement of the Licensing Act 2003.

Details of the application may be found on the Licensing Act 2003 Register page of the South Gloucestershire Council website.

The Licensing Act sets out four licensing objectives which must be taken into account and adhered to, namely:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • Prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm

Representations relating to the licence application should be made to by midnight on Monday 15th August 2022.

Note: Although the planning consent (granted on appeal) allows for 24-hour opening, obtaining a premises licence is a separate requirement that must be satisfied before the restaurant can open between the stated ‘late night’ hours.

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UPDATE (6th September 2022): The Licensing Sub-Committee has agreed to GRANT the late night premises licence. Those who made representations against have the right of appeal through the magistrates’ court.

UPDATE (26th August 2022): The application will be considered by the Licensing Sub-Committee on Tuesday 6th September 2022.

UPDATE (16th August 2022): An SGC councillor has informed the Journal that “the McDonald’s application will [go to] a Licensing Sub-Committee for a decision owing to representations being received”.

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