[Forum] Mystery of the disappearing cardboard recycling bags

rdboard recycling bag

Is there a black market in cardboard recycling bags?

I’ve come home mid afternoon to find my green cardboard recycling bag missing again. This is the second time.

That’s following on from losing three blue IKEA bags which I was putting the cardboard out in.

What the heck’s going on?

Are they in such short supply that people are simply stealing them?

Or are the bin men taking them away with them?

I think moving away from using the green wheelie bin was a poor idea. How many people are mowing their lawns or generating large amounts of garden rubbish etc between the months of November and March? Mine will probably stand idle during that period.

I want to do my bit and recycle but I’m tempted to give up the ghost with the cardboard and simply stick it in the main rubbish.

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  1. If I leave my cardboard in a bag, the bin men take it, every time – doesn’t matter what type of bag (usually a ‘bag for life’)