Bradley Stoke McDonald’s drive-through now open 24 hours at weekends

Photo of an advertising sign displaying: "Drive-thru open 24 Hours Fri & Sat".
Sign at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, advertising 24-hour opening of the McDonald’s drive-through.

The drive-through facility at the McDonald’s restaurant in Bradley Stoke is now open 24 hours a day at weekends following the latest extension to its opening hours.

The outlet has planning permission for 24-hour operation, coupled with a late night food and drink licence, but when it opened in September 2022 the operator chose to restrict trading hours to 6am to 10pm each day.

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The opening hours were extended by one hour a day from December 2022, meaning that the dine-in and drive-through facilities stayed open until 11pm each day.

With effect from 15th March 2024, the franchisee has now taken advantage of the extant planning permission and late night licence to introduce through-the-night opening of the drive-through on Fridays and Saturdays.

The latest change means that the drive-through at the Willow Brook Centre outlet is now open continuously from 6am on Friday morning to 11pm on Sunday night.


At a licensing sub-committee hearing in September 2022, Bradley Stoke Town Council objected to McDonald’s application to trade during the ‘late night’ hours of 11pm to 5am. The local Conservative group distributed leaflets opposing the licence application, claiming it would “lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour”.

Photo of a leaflet.
Bradley Stoke Conservatives’ leaflet opposing the proposed late-night opening of the new McDonald’s restaurant at the Willow Brook Centre.

The opening hours of the dine-in facility remain unchanged at 6am to 11pm each day of the week.

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