Town council opens consultation on future of Brook Way hard court

Wanted: Ideas for possible future use of hard court at the Brook Way.

Bradley Stoke Town Council has today launched a public consultation on the future of the hard court area and general site at the Brook Way Activity Centre.

Councillors decided to launch a consultation to gather ideas for future uses of the site after Mayor Brian Hopkinson failed to gain the support of Full Council for a proposal that would have seen two buildings constructed on the currently unused hard court.

Consultation area: Brook Way Activity Centre, Bradley Stoke.

The scope of the consultation, shown by the black outline in the aerial view (right, click to enlarge), includes not only the hard court, but also a sizeable area of land to the west of the community centre and the access drive into the site from Brook Way.

With reference to the aerial view, the hard court area can be seen at the bottom and the community centre and Bradley Stoke Surgery building at the top right.

The consultation asks a single question: “Do you have any ideas as to what the hard court area and general site could be used for in the future?” but also includes a field for further general comment.

To complete the consultation online, visit:

Responses must be received by 28th February 5th March 2014.

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  1. Interesting to see that the black line goes around the outside of the scout storage unit, does that mean it is going? Has any one told them?

  2. 1.Extend the car park around onto the green to the side of the buildings.
    Then build a Paintball / adventure centre for the young people of the town. Get them out and active rather than sitting in front of an x-box.
    BMX track incorporated into the trees.
    2. Or, how about creating an area for fast food vans where the current hard courts are.
    3. Build some affordable housing for young people, ideal next to a Drs. There needs to be a balance of people.
    4. A proper youth centre building. There hasn’t been one for some time. Surely a need for when in a new town with lots of young people.

  3. UPDATE: The town council has informed us that the closing date of the public consultation has been extended to 5th March 2014 (previously 28th February).

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